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A 100% satisfaction guarantee and a quality problem are included. The Speaker is exclusive to sales of the Silicone cover. The button is orange. Share your experience with it. Transferring files in a flash is nearly 10 times faster than an external hard disk drive. Reads up to 1,050 MB/s and write up to 1,000 MB/s on supported devices. The included Portable SSD Software 1.0 can be used to download the latest firmware update. Depending on the user's PC environment and the types of data being transferred, the data transfer speed may vary. The maximum transfer speed is 1,050MB/s. The included cables are recommended by SAMSUNG. The varying internal resistance and maximum allowable currency of non-original cables can cause performance degradation. It's built strong and secure. Droppings from 6 feet are shock-resistant. There is advanced heat control. Data transfer can be slowed down if necessary if the T7 Touch is overheated. The T7 Touch is prevented from reaching an excessively high temperature by DTG technology.

Brand: Samsung Electronics

👤I have a couple of other SSDs and a T5 from the T5 family. I was excited to see that SAMSUNG had ausb 3.2 solid state drive. Also, note: If you want to take full advantage of the T7 Drives, you need to have a computer with the latest version of theusb-c. The T5 will perform just as well without the Gen 2 ports. I have tested on my Surface Laptop 3 with a Gen 2 support. I was able to get the full speed from the best. It seems to be very fast. But! The file got bigger and the speed/ performance began to decrease. If the file size is smaller than 1gb, it's not noticeable, but once the file gets larger, the performance gets worse. I have tested the T7 on my Macbook Pro. The T5 and the speed test are the same. The T7 is fast when transferring smaller files. You will start to see a decrease in performance/speed as file size gets bigger. This can be a problem for me since I do a lot of video editing. I think I'll wait to upgrade to the newer drives. Until the speed can be improved. Here is my test with my new Surface Laptop 3 13", with a Crystal Disk Mark, which tests 1gb.

👤Avoid the T7. My experience with this product is similar to that of others. The computers over heat due to the SSD. The SSD gets very hot. The issue doesn't correlate to i/o or computational load. The issue occurs when the computer has a solid state drive. The T5 does not have these problems. It is my opinion that the T7 is an over-clocked T5. If my suspicions are correct, it is possible that the company is engaging in shady business practices. Please avoid the T7 as it will ruin your hardware.

👤The drive is fast, but not as fast as it claims. The drive is very hot. I have the T7 that is hotter than the T5 that is sitting next to it, and it never gets hot even when hiting it hard. The drive unmounts when the temperature of the T7 spikes. I have to plug it back in after it cools down. It will run normally for a while before it starts to get hotter. I've read all about the drive's thermal management, but I don't buy it. You probably shouldn't. The T5 is for you. It is still fast, but it is half the speed.

👤It cost me a week of my life. There is a Think again if you are thinking of getting this instead of the T5. The SSD constantly goes insane because it gets overheated and causes theCPU usage to go insane. The guy had no idea how to fix the issue. I spent another day with the same issue after ordering a replacement on Amazon. The T5 runs perfectly with no issues.

👤I own the T5 and decided to try it out. I ordered a red non-fingerprint model. The drive is slow to power up. It takes 30 seconds for Windows 10 to detect the plug and open the drive. Sometimes the drive disengages. The deal breaker for me is that it doesn't deliver the rated 1,000 MB/s for read or write. I can't hit 700 MB/s read testing on multiple systems and cables. Writing is slightly higher but not much. I did the tests using Crystal Disk Mark and copying large files. The old T5 which is rated for 540 MB/s consistently delivers in the 600 MB/s range for read and the write speed is the same as the newer T7. I will stick with the T5 because of the price, physical size, and other issues. There is no reason to pay more for a drive that doesn't provide a noticeable speed gain.

2. Seagate Barracuda External Solid Portable

Seagate Barracuda External Solid Portable

Plug-and-play features that are ready to use right out of the box will integrate the drive into your work. A portable BarraCuda Fast SSD with a minimalist design and a green accent light has boosted solid state speeds to 540MB/s for ultra fast file transfers. It's a perfect solution for external storage. Store a lot of photos, files, and videos with a lot of space. You can connect to a Mac laptop, mini PC, or desktop computer using the reversibleUSB-C cable, which will help keep files protected and sync with the included backup software and Sync Plus software. The included limited product protection plan and three-year Rescue Services will give you long-term peace of mind.

Brand: Seagate

👤I purchased a portable drive from the Barracuda that had 2 terabytes of storage. I built a desktop computer in 2010 that used an early I7 processor and a solid state drive. The vitage was a top of the line product of the time and was built in Japan. I still use it. The desktop wouldn't work with the Seagate Barracuda. I bought an HP Envy with an I7 processor in 2016 and tried it on it. The computer was working just fine with the storage device. It took me a long time to figure out what the problem was. Some people who have bought a Seagate and have complained about it not working actually had the same problem. The problem was that the old P7P55D didn't have the controllers. In 2009, the introduction of theusb3 was just beginning. I found out that the drives from Seagate are not compatible with the downward motion. They won't work on a computer with older drivers and controllers. The situation was the same with external backup drives. Older computers that only have a single controller will not work with them. The end of the cable can tell you if it's black or white. If it is ausb-2 then it is probably ausb-2. If it is blue, then it is a computer accessory. But not always! The mother board had two blue ports on it. The schematic diagram showed that the only controllers that were included were the ones for theusb-2 The spec sheet confirmed this. Western Digital's internal and backup drives were compatible with theusb-2. I only purchase Western Digital now. My passport is in my possession. The issue only arises when going from the Sata output to the regular hard drive. If you are using the drive internally, you won't have a problem. The problem with internal drives is when you clone the drive via ausb arrangement and then install it into the computer. If you don't have a computer with a controller that's compatible with the other two formats, then you're out of luck. You can get a SATA to USB-2 adapter from Amazon for $8.00. I don't know the particulars of the customers who accused this vendor of not giving a refund on a faulty SSDs. I think something like that probably happened. I have been working with computers for over 40 years and I can tell you that it is very rare to have a bad solid state drive. They don't have moving parts. If they are damaged, it's usually because the person hasn't grounded themselves. I am writing this review to let other people know that I got a full refund from this vendor. I sent the fully working SSD back to them in a carefully packaged box with bubble wrap, which was the most reliable and safest method, because I have been doing this for a long time.

👤I got this instead of clearing old backups because my 2-Tb Apple Time Machine drive filled up. It's great for that purpose. It was fast and not noticeable. I like the green light, but is it really the job of the light in the background? I don't notice it. I didn't notice any heat issues until the review offered rate features. Not paying much attention to the heat. I don't allow my Mac to be on 24/7. I decided to use it for my machine because I was so happy with it. I make daily and weekly backups of my 8 instances of the data server on one machine. It was filling up too much on one drive. I got this as a second external drive, and it's now the weekly backups for all instances and databases. Works well! It is not noticeable. I pulled a backup for a client two weeks ago and it was restored very quickly. This Windows server is not on during the day because it shuts down every night after backups. I haven't had any issues. The drive is great for the price. I would probably buy a few more and put them in the closet until I needed them. Storage solution!

3. Samsung Touch Portable SSD MU PC2T0S

Samsung Touch Portable SSD MU PC2T0S

One of the largest manufacturers of flash storage in the world is backed by Micron. Password security and fingerprints are security methods. It takes up to 1,050 MB/S to read and up to 1 000 MB/S to write. The T7 Touch has an Led Square that will keep you informed of what your Ssd is doing. It was built strong and hasstood drops from 6Ft.

Brand: Samsung Electronics

👤The finger print reader works without a hiccup, its aesthetic is nice, and its performance is lightning fast, but I don't like the blue light around the finger print reader. It was initially 5 stars, but now it's only 2 stars. This isn't "get hot transferring 500 gig" or something, this is get very hot just by being plugged in with no activity or programs open. Plug the drive back in, the computer will warm up. I tried it on my old MacBook Pro and my new one and it works the same. I was going to use this as an always connected external drive, but I can't because of the thermal issues. I have other external drives that don't cause this issue. I don't think I can keep this product because I like it so much. I no longer have thermal issues with my Macs after Amazon sent me a replacement.

👤I got a T5 instead of a drive. The T5 works. I wanted to like this model but it's unreliable. I will return it soon, but I may try it again after the bugs are fixed. I was routed down a road to nowhere by the support I received from SAMSUNG. It's really fast when it works. It seems like copying huge file folders is fine. The unacceptable is that if you download multiple file streams to it from the Internet, it will hang for seconds at a time. It wakes up, but this happens again and again. I also have the T3 and T5 and they don't have this problem. I installed the setup software on a Mac and set up a password and 4 fingerprints. I updated it to the latest version of the software. I left the system as it was out of the box. The machine I use it on is the original, not the Go. I swapped it for the same model and it still has the same issue. I have to decide if I want to keep it or if I should get a T5 instead. If you give me an easy way to submit a detailed report of the problem, I'll be happy to do that. It's worse than I thought. Even though the drive is playing a video file, it shuts down intermittently. It's only good for file backups. I can't believe it made it to market, how did they test it?

👤When I purchased the T5 from the company, I was surprised to see that a new version was about to be released. This is a must if you play on a console. After I refreshed my cache by holding the power button while the console was on for 8 seconds, I got 3 minutes and 13 seconds of boot time on the built in hard drive in the console. The game took exactly 1 minute to load after the game was connected and filled with 50% storage. I returned the T5 and tried the T7 out. It took 53-55 seconds to load with the T7 SSD. I noticed huge increases in performance and speed on computing tasks within the game. I feel like it's a new console with zero lag for any task. You will thank me if you get this. I only filled this with games that are a mission to run like Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and Halo MCC. I left the rest of the games on my hard drive because they aren't as heavy for the console to load. Either this was damaged or has bugs. There are issues loading stuff on forza horizon. This issue cannot be effectively played with. It'll get stuck in loading screens and not load maps fully so it won't show a road or land around you. When starting an online match in ranked team racing, the entire screen pauses for 2 seconds, so if you are turning during that time, it is virtually impossible to not crash or fly off. I begin online in 80% of races. I was expecting a beefed up version of the t5 ssd, but I was thrown off by this issue. Will stick with the T5 until the bugs are worked out. Very disappointing.

4. WD 2TB Elements Compatible WDBAYN0020BBK WESN

WD 2TB Elements Compatible WDBAYN0020BBK WESN

You can easily connect Buffalo to your PC with the help of theusb 3.2 connectIVITY and 3-year warranty. There is a three-year warranty for registered devices. You can trust a brand that offers affordable, fast, and fast performance. You can move large files fast if you read speeds up to 400MB/s. 1 millionbyte per second is the MB/s. Performance may vary depending on host device, usage conditions, drive capacity, and other factors. This is the perfect drive no matter where you are because of its compact design and drop resistance. Gain control of your content across all your devices, whether you're on the job or creating for pleasure. Plug-and-play features that are ready to use right out of the box will integrate the drive into your work.

Brand: Western Digital

👤The drive is fine for storing your files, but it has a flaw that almost made me return the 2 cables I had purchased, and that is theusb cables they come with. Without being moved, both drives would become unresponsive and lose connection. I thought the drives were almost garbage. I was glad I tried new cables before I came back. Both drives are working well now. If you decide to buy this drive, you must not rely on the cable that comes with it. You should buy a good cable to go with it. I decided to take 2 stars off.

👤Thanks to the person who shared how to format this. The instructions for Open Disk Utilities have been slightly updated. "Show All Devices" can be found from the View menu. The left side of the window has a selection on it. You can choose "Erase" from the pop-up menu. If you have a current vision of OS-X, you can choose "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)". I followed the directions and it was easy. This is a Time Machine backup disk. I connect my computer to the hub when it is on my desk. Some people have had disk failures, but I also do a cloud-based backup. It only backs up my most recent version of each file. Time Machine gives me hourly backups for the last 24 hours, so I can recover something I've accidentally deleted. I lost all my data when I crashed the old Synology after I moved it to Time Machine. RAID is useless in that situation. I've considered buying a newer, faster NAS, but it's expensive, so I decided to go with a slower one for the time being. This won't do backups when I take my laptop away from my desk, but I do my most critical work at my desk in any event. I prefer the rounded corners of this version over the newer one. Users of the shiny newer version reported that the rough surface doesn't show fingerprints. It's amazing that a small form factor can fit 4 terabytes into a price that's reasonable. I am happy.

👤If you want to manually move files from your primary drive, that's fine with Windows 10. The Windows 10 File History and System Backup features are the only reasons I bought an external HDD. Windows won't support backing up to an internal HDD because it makes you choose an external drive or network location. It doesn't automatically back up to this drive either. It adds a couple of configuration files, but then just stops, with no actual data on the file. It may be an issue with the naming convention. One of the reasons I can't really use OneDrive is that Windows doesn't like long file paths, and saving files to an external hard drive makes the path even longer. That is a dealbreaker. If it doesn't work with File History or System Backup, they shouldn't advertise it as working with Windows 10. Being recognized by the system is a start, but that's not what I want to do. I can use one of my internal hard drives if I want to do manual file dumps. It's not worth the time or effort.

5. Crucial 1TB Portable SSD CT1000X6SSD9

Crucial 1TB Portable SSD CT1000X6SSD9

One of the largest manufacturers of flash storage in the world is backed by Micron. Storage capacity of up to 4 terabytes is enough for up to 20,000 photos, 100 hours of video, 6,000 songs, or 400 gigabytes of documents. Fast: That's 3.8 times faster than most hard drives. There is a light weight. It weighs less than your car keys. It works with PC, Mac, iPad Pro8 and other computers. One of the largest manufacturers of flash storage in the world is backed by reliable and sturdy.

Brand: Crucial

👤Anyone working in video or audio media who wants to fill up the drive with large file transfers is not compatible with the Crucial X6 4TB drive. The size of the write cache shrinks when the drive is full. The write cache of the SLC can copy files at 800MB/sec. The drive's write speed is slower than most old school spinning drives. The write cache size of the drive is about 800GB. You can copy the first 800GB of data onto the drive. If you do a disk speed test, you'll get the fast cache. As soon as you've copied 800 gigabytes of data, the cache almost completely disappears. Instead of 800GB of cache, it drops to 27GB of fast write cache. When I heard that the drive had an 800GB write cache, I thought it would be fine to copy 800GB at the same fast speed, but I would have to wait a bit for the cache to empty. The write cache drops to 27GB when you fill the drive just 20%. I didn't have the patience to continue filling the drive past 1TB at the 80MB/s QLC crawl. A bonus cache that disappears after first use is included in the 4 terabytes X6 drive. The dynamic cache never grows back, after first use, you'll never get that 800GB cache back again. The write cache never goes back up to the full 800GB even if you deleted all the files you've ever copied onto the drive. The only way to get the full original write cache size back was to do a complete secure erase format of the drive. I wanted to fill up the whole capacity with large file transfers as I wanted to use this drive for video editing. Not possible with this drive. Time Machine backups are the only good uses for this drive. It would be fine for anyone to never copy any files larger than 27 gigabytes at a time. I'm suspicious of this drive because I can't get the full cache size back even after I deleted all the files. Stay away from me. I formatted my drive in the MacOS disk format that's designed for SSDs. When I connected my drive, I got an error message that it had un fixable partition errors, so I had to format it. I don't know if the drive will behave differently with other disk formats. I need it to work with APFS. I tried to run the 'trimforce' command in MacOS Mojave, but I didn't see a difference in the drive performance.

👤I don't use the word lightly, but this is garbage. Its write speeds are laughable. It was connected to two different hard-drive computers and tried to copy 40 billion files using the included cable. Windows said that there was an error on the drive and that it needed to be fixed. When I tried to copy the files across it said it would take more than a day. I thought the drive I got was a lemon, so I swapped it. The same thing happened when I plugged in the replacement, it fixed an error and wrote faster than before. I have two other portable solid state drives that work just as well on these computers. The issue is with the product. Don't waste your money.

6. SanDisk Professional 2TB G Drive SDPS51F 002T GBANB

SanDisk Professional 2TB G Drive SDPS51F 002T GBANB

Ready to go with Mac. Works with Windows. With an accelerated rate of up to 2200MB/s read and 2400MB/s write, you can edit, render and transfer quickly. Performance may vary depending on host device, usage conditions, drive capacity, and other factors. The design has 3M drop protection and 1000lb crush resistance. There is a carpeted concrete floor. There is a 40Gbps connection to the Thunderbolt 3. 5-year limited warranty. Ready to go with Mac. Works with Windows.

Brand: Sandisk Professional

7. SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable V2

SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable V2

Ready to go with Mac. Works with Windows. The Slinger Hard Drive Case has a 5 year warranty. Up to 2000MB/s. 2xusb 3.2 Gen 2 connections Solid state performance.

Brand: Sandisk

👤The included case is too small for the portable solid state drive. Attached is a photo.


BUFFALO External SSD USB %E2%80%8E%E2%80%8ESSD PUT1 0U3B

There is a 3-year warranty. Must read large file You can use the 4GB transfer - B75 Pro directly on Mac or Windows. When transferring a file larger than 4GB, please format it to exFAT. Please backup your drive. The Best Stick is a reliable and compact solid state drive. It's compatible with PCs, Macs, and PS4/PS5. You can save space and time by storing your game data on Buffalo. The invention on-the-go accessORY is able to quickly copy large data. If you are a professional in need of fast and secure storage, the Buffalo is ready for you. Fast speeds and multi-tasking allow you to connect the drive to the PC and perform large intensive tasks simultaneously. Drop protection is provided by the shock-resistant, rugged design. Stick and retractable form factors are used to carry your data. You can use your Buffalo on-the-go, no matter what. You can easily connect Buffalo to your PC with the help of theusb 3.2 connectIVITY and 3-year warranty. There is a three-year warranty for registered devices.

Brand: Buffalo

👤I need to transfer over 50 gig files for a project. The flash drive is not suitable for this purpose. The Buffalo drive works well for small files. It slows down dramatically if it's over 3gig. The speed of the copy on my computer went from 55gig to 21mps. The file took 2 1/2 hours to be copied. It took 43 minutes to try it on the 500SSD. The read and write speeds on the SAMSUNG are the same as they are on the other side of the world. The write speed on the Buffalo drive was slower than the read speed. If you are looking for a fast flash drive to copy a few pictures and songs, this may be the one for you. If you're looking for a high speed device for large files, not much is needed.

👤Even if this had worked perfectly, the casing is not good at all. The drive becomes completely useless within a couple of weeks. I can't recall the worst storage drive I've ever purchased.

👤The drive is cheap and will snap in my fingers. It definitely feels that way. I spent 5 mintues picking all the plastic bits off of the sticky protective plastic skin that was on the smallest pieces. I ran multiple winsat speed tests on both Gen 1 and Gen 2 ports with an extension cable. It maxed out at 3.15Gbps tops. Even with the update, it's still 33% off the advertised speed. Is it fast? Yes. Is it as fast as advertised? Is it worth the price? Maybe. It's the only one who claims these speeds are not $350600 so, that's the trade-off.

👤This is a stick that can be used with a PC and PS4/PS5 console. I only have a PC and PS5 and the PC was able to read it right away. If you want this for PC use, it's ready to go out of the box. The Playstation 5 is a picky console with both internal M.2 and external HD/SSDs, so this being an annoying setup came with the territory. Make sure your console is fully powered off when you remove or insert this, this is also true for any external storage device you use. Make sure rest mode is off. If you want my summary review, it will be the last paragraph. Buffalo has a download page for the DiskFormatter2 format tool that can be used on a PC. My device came in late November and the tool said it was up to date, but it doesn't hurt to take a minute to check. Buffalo's DiskFormatter2 tool can be used to format it back to NTFS. The PS5 wouldn't format it as extended storage because of the Windows 10 built-in formatter and 3rd party use of it. Once the format is complete, you can format it as extended storage by putting it in one of the PS5's back ports. If you find any issues with the PS5 refusing to format as extended storage, retrace my steps and make sure it is firmly set in place. For anyone who doesn't know, this is for storing and playing PS4 games on it. Sony has said that there will be no external HD or SSD for PS5 games in the foreseeable future. If you want to play PS5 games, you need an M.2 internal solution. This external drive is only used in the back of the PS5 and you should not place any other external drives in the front. I used this briefly on the PC and safety ejected it after setting it up for PS5 and never took any shortcuts with external drives. I bought the Buffalo stick because of its small form factor, and I can use it on my PC if I ever want to, it's nice that I can use it on my PS4. The retractable design of theusb can be difficult to deal with when attaching on the back of the PS5 The PS5 only accepts external drives from the back, so be gentle when installing it, even though you can use anusb anywhere on a PC. This form factor has a new type of technology that works. The reason I don't give it a perfect review is because it's not possible to format it for extended storage on PS5 if you use Buffalo's DiskFormat2 tool. I'm not sure if this is Sony's fault for their difficult and picky internal and external solutions. It's a bit difficult to attach on the back, but it does what it's supposed to do, and that's play PS4 games on it.

9. SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SDSSDE61 1T00 G25

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SDSSDE61 1T00 G25

Private content can be kept private with the included password protection. A portable, high-capacity drive with up to 1000MB/s write speeds is perfect for creating amazing content or capturing incredible footage. Requires compatible devices. Performance may be lower depending on host device, interface, usage conditions and other factors. 1MB is 1 million bits. This tough drive has up to 2 meter drop protection and is resistant to water and dust. It's a good idea to use the carabiner loop to secure it to your belt loop or backpack. Private content can be kept private with the included password protection. It's easy to back up mobile content with compatibility with a range of smart phones. Professional photographers around the world trust the brand professional photographers to handle their best shots and footage.

Brand: Sandisk

👤This product is very frustrating. It wouldn't work on a MacBook Pro M1 Max or iMac. There is no product support on the Sandisk site. No instructions. There is no need to support the product. Don't buy this for your imac or MacBook Pro. It doesn't mount at all. I tried everything possible to no avail. Had to return it.

👤I had expectations before buying this item. I got a 1 terabytes version. I expected to plug it in and get 1000mbps write speed. Wrong. There are certain factors that have to happen in order for this to happen. There is a If you are copying from hard disk drives, you are wasting time. The drive will create a problem. They aren't fast enough to keep up. If your operating system is on an M.2 you can copy files from it. I had a lot of trouble setting up this drive as I expected the cable to work in any direction as it's ausb-c type Nope. If your speed is slow, try changing it around. I taped the correct end of the cable to the drive so I wouldn't forget. Slow speeds can be obtained if you use the wrong end. You need the fastest ports on your pc to get good speeds, which should be a red, blue, or a usb c port. If you don't have these ports on your computer, you are wasting money. When I first used the drive, I was getting data at different rates. I'm very cautious as to whether or not this drive is working. I thought about sending it back. I decided to hold on to it because I got a write speed of over 700mbps using my fastest ports. I got 400mbps from my blue computer. I'm thinking of getting a 10Gbps cable to test out and see if I can get the listed speed for this device. I need to get a new storage device because I'm still using the old one. Hope it works out. It should be as close to the rated speed on the box as possible, so it's still giving 3 stars. The box should have the average max speed on it.

👤I had a brand new 1 terabytes drive. I could not access the drive for two weeks. The drive is toast and I have to return it. I have more than one of these drives. I am worried about them. I am no longer a Sandisk customer. I will give advice to my students as well.

👤I have been using this for less than a week and I tried to use it for a DJ set but it overheated in less than an hour and was useless. Don't buy this unless you plan on using it for storage and not working from the files on the hard drive. I am surprised that a company like sandisk is still selling a product that is not good. Even if it is plugged in to the laptop, it gets really hot. I figured this out quickly. I can return it.

10. SanDisk Extreme Portable External SDSSDE60 2T00 G25

SanDisk Extreme Portable External SDSSDE60 2T00 G25

High-speed transfers with up to 550MB/s read speeds let you move Hi-Res photos and videos faster. Dust- and water- resistant. Dust contact does not interfere with the operation when it is tested to be able to handle 30 kPa of water flow. Before use, must be clean and dry. The solid state core can be shock- resistant up to 1500G and can be non-operating at 20C to 70C. Pocket-sized and compact. It was built by a technology leader and pioneer of the modern day SSD. 3-year limited manufacturer warranty. You can order with your device. Just ask, "Alexa, order external solid state drive."

Brand: Sandisk

👤The drive is amazing. It's tiny, light, and fast, but you need to format it before you use it. If you plan to use the drive to back up your phone or computer, you should be aware of this. The drive is formatted with exFAT and has an allocation of 1 MB. Any file less than 1 MB takes up 1 MB of space. It adds up, with the plethora of small files that show up on backups taking up more space than normal, it adds up. Attached are pictures of a small text file taking up more space than it actually is and a backup taking up more space on the drive. It's an easy fix. There is no reason to have an allocation that large because the sector size on the drive is 512bytes. Select a smaller allocation size than 1 MB if you want to format the drive. Microsoft recommends 128KB, but you could go as small as 4KB or as large as 512KB and still be more efficient than the factory 1 MB allocation size.

👤The drive is terrible. It was stable for the first month, but now it can't transfer photos from it to another computer. Every action you take with the drive will hang randomly. I can't transfer 5 gigabytes of data from a 1 tb hard drive to another one without it freezing and hanging at 2 tb's. The Portfolio freezes before it fully opens if you can't open up Lightroom. I have a hard drive on my computer that doesn't work. 5 years of travel photos loss. I will never buy again from SanDisk and I will only buy from the brands I use now.

👤I've been a fan of sandisk for a long time. I used to rely on their quality more than other brands. I didn't mind paying a premium because I wanted to protect my data and files. This is the first time I have had a serious problem and it's not good. After a couple of months of ownership, I am having a problem with it corrupting a file when I save it, with no message or error notice. All my work is lost if I come back a few hours later with a missing data file.

👤I needed to back up my MacBook Pro. I used to use a spinning hard drive for backups and the process was very slow. The backup and restore can take up to an hour. It made sense that my MacBook Pro's destination backup should also go on an SSD drive since the transfer speeds would increase. Hards drives have a higher failure rate than SSDs drives. I can't tell you how many spinning backup drives I've purchased in the past that have failed. The fact that prices have plummeted on these drives makes no excuse for not buying them. I did a lot of research before selecting this drive. My first choice was a colorized metal case for the phone. The reviews led me to believe that there were some major issues with the drives, as they included embedded software that was difficult to remove. This is not something anyone wants when buying a drive. It was easy to see that this would fit my needs after reading the reviews. The reviews were positive. There is no embedded software. This particular drive has been rated as one of the fastest on the market. I was surprised at how small this drive is. It's tiny. You can put it in your jeans pocket and not feel it. We've come a long way in portable external drives. I don't like the covering on this drive. It is a dust magnet. I put it on my table and it collected dog hair. This thing is so rugged that you can drop it from any height and it won't break. I guess that is more important than anything else. It was nice to see that the drive has a cord for theusb-c. The cord is securely attached to the drive. The cord is too short, that's the only negative thing. I included the result of a recent backup of my MacBook Pro in my photos. The data was backed up in 30 minutes. It would have taken more than 2 times longer with a spinning drive. The drive is really fast. The drive is formatted for Windows. If you want to buy it for your Mac, you need to go to Disk Utility and select the drive you want. You will need to format the drive in OSX. The format takes a long time. You are ready to transfer data. This is the best drive I have ever owned. Do not hesitate to consider this.

11. SanDisk Professional 4TB G Drive SDPS11A 004T GBANB

SanDisk Professional 4TB G Drive SDPS11A 004T GBANB

It is possible to cross compatible theusb 3.2 Gen-2 andusb-C for older systems. Up to 3M drop, and 2000lb crush resistance are included in the Ultra-rugged durability. Based on internal testing. Dust contact does not interfere with operation, as tested to be able to endure water up to 1m for up to 30 minutes. Before use, must be clean and dry. There is a carpeted concrete floor. Transfer speeds can be up to 1000 MB/s Write and up to 1050 MB/s Read. Performance may vary depending on host device, usage conditions, drive capacity, and other factors. A cooling aluminum core has sustained performance. A small and mighty design has up to 4 terabytes of capacity. Depending on the operating environment, actual user capacity may be less. A 5-year limited warranty. Ready to go with Mac. Works with Windows.

Brand: Sandisk Professional

👤The Professional 1TB G-DRIVE is fast and compact, as you'd expect from a solid state drive. I bought it to use the hardware-accelerated AES encryption. You have to download their software security app in order to use it that way. More about that later. It's really not a good idea to back up an APFS drive to a HFS+ drive, as my experience has told me. My first Time Machine backup took 30 minutes, compared to hours on older spinning drives, and this time the APFS-formatted laptop backing up to the G-Drive was excellent. That part is a win. The small G-Drive was warm. Most of the competitors have exposed plastic, and that might be linked to the aluminum end piece. Another win for the G-Drive. The instructions for first use and formatting were not included in the box, but they were almost up-to-date. I don't think they should have formatted Time Machine with "Encrypted - Case Sensitive" since not everyone will use Time Machine. Call it a win. If you want to use hardware encryption, the Privacy Statement is a problem. Signing a privacy agreement is required in order to use it. They will give personal information to and share it with any organization they want. The reason I bought this drive was because I couldn't use the hardware encryption. This is a failure. I kept the drive because I can still use Time Machine, but I overpaid for the drive because I can't use hardware. You should try a cheaper approach.

👤The first impressions are important and the Professional 1TB G-DRIVE SSD did a great job. It feels like a quality built tech item with substance. I used the supplied cord to connect my Mac Mini to the internet. The cord connection was positive. It was formatted with Mac OS X Journaled and it showed up in Disk Utility as a G-Drive SSD. I switched the formatting to APFS after selecting the G drive. Done. My understanding is that the APFS format works better on up-to-date mac operating system and files than the pre-formatted Mac OSX journaled version. It should work well with most macs, but I work with large files that add up quickly. After years of backing up with a hard drive, I was happy to see the first 42GB file dragged into the Drive from my mini. Holy smokes! During the transfer of more than 400 gigabytes of files, the unit was never hot. On both sides, it is well vented. These are my first impressions. Long term life and durability are not certain. So far, so good. It's easy for Mac users. I decided to share my experience with others because I appreciated the feedback from reviewers. Hopefully you find it useful.

👤The drive worked correctly with my audio interface after I performed the steps outlined. It worked because of it's speed, and it used less resources while recording multiple tracks. I bought another drive for non-audio back up purposes after reading the original review. It was ideal that this drive was only 500Gb and was ruggedized. The box had a great pocket size, but not small enough to lose, and a solid rubber enclosure to protect it from the elements. I was very happy with the physical appearance. It's a true and false statement that it isn't working in Windows. The drive is set up for Macs. Disk Management is a good way to get it formatted to a current Windows operating system. The drive was included in the app with a 200Mb EFI system partition and an unallocated 464 gig partition. I had to create a partition before I could format it. All Windows OS's had only two options for formatting, exFAT and NTFS. This was the first problem I had as I needed the drive formatted to be compatible with my recorder. Because the drive is too large, all of the command line options failed to do this. I was going to use a 3rd party tool to get it. fat32format is a free and lightweight program from Ridgecrop Consultants. It doesn't need to be installed on your machine to run. I had 465Gb formatted to FAT32 in no time. My audio device wouldn't work with the drive. Remember the 200Mb system partition? The drive worked fine with any Windows machine, but the extra system partition was making my audio recorder useless. It was going to take another round of command line work to remove that smaller partition. After wiping the drive clean, I had to switch to Disk Management in Windows to use the entire capacity of the drive, since I had to create a new Simple Volume and Format the drive to NTFS. I had to return to fat32format to format the drive again. I'm pretty sure that it will work with my audio device since I don't have it with me right now, but I still haven't verified that. I think Sandisk could have given more information about the drive being formatted for Mac use or left it completely unformatted, allowing the user to decide how to use it. I took a long time to get the 200Mb EFI system partition usable on a Windows machine. I only give this device 4 stars because of the learning exercise. It's best to only pay around $100 for a pretty small solid state drive. The price has fluctuated as much as 40% in the last week. There were 3 websites I used for reference as well, so I thought about including links to the software I mentioned. I'm afraid that the process of making the drive work in Windows requires a moderate understanding of the commands used in the program. If you have this ability, you will be able to find the information I used and the app. Most of the apps that promise to do the same thing are pay to play. You can get a free demo if you want. Good luck! The drive worked correctly with my audio interface after I did the steps outlined. It worked because of it's speed, and it used less resources while recording multiple tracks. I have already bought another drive for non-audio purposes after this.


What is the best product for portable ssd drive?

Portable ssd drive products from Samsung Electronics. In this article about portable ssd drive you can see why people choose the product. Seagate and Western Digital are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable ssd drive.

What are the best brands for portable ssd drive?

Samsung Electronics, Seagate and Western Digital are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable ssd drive. Find the detail in this article. Crucial, Sandisk Professional and Sandisk are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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