Best Portable Toilet for Adults In Car

Adults 27 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. SUERTREE Portable Folding Camping Traffic

SUERTREE Portable Folding Camping Traffic

The portable potty can be used for many purposes, it can be used for camping, travel, and construction sites with inadequate sanitary facilities. It is suitable for both adults and children. The portable toilet is made of plastic. Eco friendly plastic is strong, waterproof, and resistant to fall and pressure. It can hold up to 150KG. It's easy to set up and use. The portable potty is compatible with any bags and does not need to be cleaned after use. The package includes garbage bags for your first time. The portable toilet is very small and easy to use. It folds down to only 2.8 inches high and has a bag for easy transport. Installation and folding are great for outdoor emergencies. The portable toilet with cover can be used for a lot of things. It's perfect as a toilet, a stool, a stroage box, or a trash can. 1 x roll black trash bag, 1 x portable folding toilet, and 1 x waterproof packaging bag.

Brand: Suertree

👤It's a great product to have on hand.

👤It's very easy to solve an emergency with this item. Have a grandson. It would be good for long trips. It is easy to store and folds up nicely.

2. Yarrashop Portable Toilet Camping Accessories

Yarrashop Portable Toilet Camping Accessories

Every one of their customers has a 100% satisfaction rating. They believe in their products so they offer 100% customer satisfaction. Their collapsible toilets are manufactured with the best quality materials and undergo thorough inspection to make sure their customers receive the very best. If you don't like what you see, please contact them so that they can make you a happy customer. It's easy to curse. The portable folding toilet is very small and space-saving, it is easy to set up and fold, and folds down to only 2.4 inches high. The carry bag is lightweight and easy to carry. No need to clean. The camping toilet for adults can be wrapped in a garbage bag and not need to be cleaned after use. The package includes garbage bags for the first time. It's easy to use and it's quick. The portable potty for camping is compatible with any bag that has at least 6 gallons for easier clean up. The portable car toilet for adults can be used as a toilet for car or camping, but also a seat with storage function, trash can, small stool, storage box, indoor toilet for the elderly, vomiting bucket for pregnant women, etc. There is no customer service. Today is the day to buy a folding toilet without any risk. They will give you a stress free money back if you are not completely satisfied.

Brand: Yarrashop

👤Awesome! Why didn't I buy this for camping? We purchased it to take to the beach for the 4th of July and it was great. It's convenient for everyone. A tent for privacy was also purchased. It is hard for some people to use it because it is so low to the ground. My husband's genius idea was to stack wood underneath it to make it higher off the ground.

👤This is very easy to set up and put away. The one piece design is amazing. The shape is perfect for adults. It is a cinch once you figure out how to fold it. The only thing missing is a lid cover. It would be even more amazing if it had a cover like that.

👤Don't do anything in a hole in the ground when you are in the wilderness. Do it on this throne. It's good for camping and also good for long road trips when you don't want to use a public restroom. Pull over to a secluded area, put in a disposable bag, and sit like a king. This is more than adequate for all kingly and queenly needs, even though it is not as large as your home-based throne.

👤A life saver for long trips with the little one, strong and folding flat when not in use. It takes less than one minute to assemble.

👤We were going to be in a cabin without a bathroom and I bought this potty last minute. There are shared bathroom on the campground a short walk away. This was going to be needed in the middle of the night with my 7month pregnant self and a 4 year old potty trained. The potty was small but mighty. I don't think I could get up off the pot with how low it was, so my husband had to put it up a bit higher off the ground. It felt odd to sit and aim in a small area. It could hold my weight. It folds up for travel. It was perfect for my child. Thankfully, we ended up needing this potty. My daughter got the stomach bug while on vacation. We had a potty. In the middle of the night, on the toilet. It came with trash bags to tie it up and throw it away. I recommend cat litter in the bottom of the bag since it does not have a lid. It didn't help her much with her scurvy, but when she used it as a normal part of her routine it did just fine. If you have little ones, this toilet is perfect because it's small enough to fit in a backpack and hold my weight, but not take up too much space. Small but mighty.

👤Every once in a while, I end up camping in a location with no toilets or disgusting toilets while I'm on the road, and I use my Honda Element to do it. This portable has been convenient. It can be tucked away in its bag. It has sturdy liner bags. It is strong. The only problem is how short it is.

3. Evershop Portable Camping Outdoor Commode

Evershop Portable Camping Outdoor Commode

The portable potty can be used for many purposes, it can be used for camping, travel, and construction sites with inadequate sanitary facilities. The portable toilet adult can be wrapped in a trash bag so as not to mess up after use. The package contains 12 bags for your first use. The portable potty is ideal for camping, long-distance travel, traffic jams, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities. It can be used as a seat, trash can, storage box, indoor toilet for the elderly, pregnant woman vomiting bucket, etc. The portable camping toilet can be folded to a height of 3.8 inches and is easy to carry. It is small and portable. It is lightweight and has a bag for travel and outdoor activities. It's easy to use and quick. The outdoor toilet can hold up to 400 lbs. The soft sponge pad is very comfortable. 1x portable toilet, 1x waterproof carry bag, 1x 12PCS garbage bags are what you get. There is a lifetime guarantee. Every customer has a money-back guarantee. If you have a problem, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they would reply.

Brand: Evershop

👤Great idea! Cheap materials. This amazing folding design was traded in for a space saver. Before cheap cardboard supports gave under my weight, I used about a dozen times. It's ok for children, but they were rated for 400 lbs. I passed my return window by 14 days so I'm going to try another brand with the heavy-duty PVC supports which should hold up better.

👤The portable toilet is great for camping. It's easy to set up. It works great for young kids that are fishing in the boat and you can't leave your spot to get them back to the boat launch to use the nasty biffy. You don't need to walk to the bathroom while camping. Especially for a pregnant woman. Set up in the tent and do what you want. Put the bag in a bag and fold it down. Then back to sleep.

👤If you are taller than 5'1, you may want to consider the design, it is sturdy but low to the ground, and I have to huff and puff to get on and off of it.

👤It's better suited for children. Quite sturdy, but too low.

👤It's compact and sturdy for travel.

👤The portable toilet is easy to clean. It's easy to store when I'm not using it.

👤I really like how sturdy it is. It's difficult to put the lid on.

4. Portable Construction Comfortable Outdoors Backpacking

Portable Construction Comfortable Outdoors Backpacking

It is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities. Sturdy personal toilet with a lid and seat for comfort. The portable toilet is small enough to fit in a suitcase and is ideal for camping outside of your home. Enjoy the comforts of home on the go. The toilet chair is suitable for camping. It is perfect for construction sites. Traveling doesn't have to be uncomfortable. It's light but heavy, and weighing only. Their folding camping toilet can hold up to 250 lbs. It is easy to fold, store and transport, without giving up on quality. Introducing their new patent-pending design! The only camp bathroom seat in the market with a built-in anti-slip ring to prevent spills and mess. Simply put their liners or garbage bags in the ring and voila! Your trash bag won't fall. No clean up! It is perfect for all ages and has a height of 17.3” and width of 16.7” Their outdoor toilet seat has anti-slip rubber grips and is comfortable to sit in. A special strap for your toilet paper is a bonus. Every one of their customers has a 100% satisfaction rating. They believe in their products so they offer 100% customer satisfaction. Their collapsible toilets are manufactured with the best quality materials and undergo thorough inspection to make sure their customers receive the very best. If you don't like what you see, please contact them so that they can make you a happy customer.

Brand: Lionalp

👤Perfect height! I was researching foldable potties for about 2 weeks when I came across this one. The rubber feet make it very sturdy and comfortable. It fits right in the shower/bathroom tent I bought. The ring that holds the potty bags sold me. It folds nicely. Not too heavy. The carry bag doesn't fit. The best foldable potty.

👤I replaced my cheap camping toilet with a reliable one. The old one would wobble on the ground at campsites, but not this one. My older one didn't have hinged legs so when you removed the bag, the toilet would just collapse, which was a pretty gross experience. The camping toilet is perfect. I was hesitant to spend the money, but I am glad I did.

👤If I am camping, I will wake up in the middle of the night to pee. This was a perfect solution. It was nice to not have to walk to the bathhouse or do an awkward tree squat in the middle of the night because we had a strict number 1 rule only.

👤The main problem with these commodes is that they are small. I didn't think I would notice it when I bought a cheaper one. It was a "dry" run, but just sitting on it. The opening was small and would be hell for me. I returned it. After looking at them on Amazon, I bought this one because it was too small. The measurement picture shows a larger opening. My wife thinks it's a little larger than my home commode opening. I could use this to wake everyone up at the camp ground. I'm not good to know, but it's good to 400 lbs. There is a You can get the Biodegradable bags with it for just a few dollars more, which I didn't and wish I had. 8 gallon garbage bags will work.

👤We took it to the woods. The chair was very stable and easy to set up. We were very happy with our purchase. Would recommend to others.

👤The construction is high quality. It comes with a carrying bag. It feels sturdy. The bag is secured inside rather than over the seat.

👤The strength is great. Good height. The clip for the toilet paper is not very useful when you are sitting on the stool and pee all over the roll. I stuck it on a branch after unclipped it. The seat material is static so it sticks to dirt or grass. It takes me longer to fold it up than I think it should, but once you get used to it, it is very handy.

👤This portable toilet is taller than any I've seen and folds up for easy carrying in a car or van. My senior knees like the extra inches of height. Amazon and other sites insisted it couldn't be shipped to my typical suburban address. The "can't be shipped to your address" disappeared after many attempts to purchase this. I kept trying to order this item because I thought it was a mistake. There was no way to get in touch with the seller or Amazon.

5. HGUIM Shrinkable Portable Reusable Emergency

HGUIM Shrinkable Portable Reusable Emergency

Children, women and men with limited mobility can use incontinences made of PP and TPR, which will not cause harm and allergy, because they are made of PP and TPR. It's portable and light for hiking and backpacking. Put the bag in the side pocket of your trunk backpack. It is a perfect day for lovers. Shrinkable design to carry in bag. It can be washed and cleaned after use. The accordion design is universal for adults and kids. Use the international environmental protection material, after use will not leak, urine bucket seal performance is good. The material is PP, blue, and has a diameter of approximately 7 cm. The maximum capacity is 7 inch/ 18 cm. Approx 750ml.

Brand: Hguim

👤I need this for longer hikes. If you need to double the size, you can. Good to have if you did it with the coffee.

👤The pee can't be held in the small Reservoir.

👤I use a small backpack for long hunts and fold it out for easy disposal.

👤I got this for my husband. He says it is great for overnights and when you don't want to leave the cab.

👤It is easy to use and clean.

👤It is worth its price when you need to make your bladder gladder and can't find an appropriate restroom.

👤It was used for an emergency.

👤When you have to go to the next rest area, you bought this.

6. Disposable Camping Emergency Portable Children

Disposable Camping Emergency Portable Children

Emergency urinal is perfect for long distance car driving. An excellent gear for outdoor activities. The disposable urinal bags with a 700 liter capacity can be used 2x or until it is full. Women could stand up pee, it was convenient as men. The disposal urine bag is equipped with a substance that can absorb urine, vomit, or other liquid waste and turn it into odorless, spill-proof gel in 60 seconds. Within 60 seconds, it can absorb the liquid. The disposable pee bag is leak-proof and Eco- friendly, and it has a sealed zip that locks in liquids and prevents leaks. These bags are not just urinal bags, they are also disposal pee bags or vomit bags when you are in traffic jams, seasickness, motion sickness and airsickness. It's great for babies, pregnant women or patients. It's easy to use and portable, and the card slot makes it easy to operate with one hand. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, handbag or vehicle glove box.

Brand: Oumee

👤When I can't find an open or clean restroom, I ordered these to keep in my car. I haven't used one yet from this brand, but Amazon gave me a three dollar coupon to give an honest review. After I use one, I will edit this as needed. I like that they arrived pre-folded and will fit in a Ziploc sandwich bag with a few pieces of tissue or sanitary wipe. I will keep one in my pocketbook, so I will always have one with me when I leave. I have used a brand that had a hard top, but it was too heavy to fit into a pocket, and it didn't have a way to close it and keep the mess out. I think a brand with a thick seal will do a better job of keeping things clean and will be more convenient to dispose of. I feel better leaving the house knowing I won't be stuck somewhere without a bathroom, even though I hope I don't have to use it soon. Privacy issues can be helped by wearing a loose skirt.

👤I wish I'd bought it a long time ago. They are real life saver when camping. I took off a star because of the opening. It's easy to have a spill in a tent or car if you put the opening a little off.

👤During our most recent camping trip, this thing was a lifesaver. This part is irrelevant if you don't go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or early morning before the sun comes up. I wake up at about 3a or 4a when it is cold outside. I was very nervous about using this for the first time because I drink a lot of water. The 700mL was enough, but it was very full by the time I was done urinating. I was sure to check that the lip covered my entire area, which created a seal with absolutely no leaking or splashing. If you urinate more that I do, you will probably feel more at ease. I was a happy camper because I didn't have to leave my tent, the bag didn't smell of urine, and the little pad inside helped absorb the urine. I was able to fall back to sleep after the sun came up. We keep a few in our cars for long trips. We don't have to keep empty soda/water bottles in the cars for the boys when they need to go before our destination now that I have had to exit or pullover for an emergency "urination session" a few times. These little bags are worth the money.

👤The current climate in California has made my lady no longer want to bug me when we are out. No problem with long lines. No problem on long road trips. There is no problem with traffic via 880 south. This works for me as well as the guys who are 5 5' 90Lbs who can squat in the back of a Dodge SRT with complete discretion within tented widows. Great product!

7. BodyHealt Portable Folding Riser Stool

BodyHealt Portable Folding Riser Stool

Promoting independence. The BodyHealt portable folding step is perfect for those who are temporarily or permanently disabled. There is high-quality construction. The folding step is made using lightweight plastic that supports up to 300 pounds. The surface has non-slip grips. It is foldable. You can take the step with you wherever you need to go. The foldable design makes it easy to store the step in a tight space when not in use. There is a very large size step. The portable step has a large platform that helps to keep you steady when stepping onto the step or stepping off. TILE USE. The BodyHealt Step is portable and easy to store, making it a good choice for people with limited mobility. It can be used around the house or on the go when you need a boost.

Brand: Bodyhealt

👤Garbage is a total waste of money. The extra step helps my wife get into and out of my vehicle because she has limited mobility. She used it for the first time. The weight limit had nothing to do with the broken step. I will not use it to hurt my wife. Good idea that was poorly manufactured. Don't spend your money on junk.

👤I bought a step stool for an old friend. The side flaps were coming apart. I don't think this stool is a good idea. It was the first item I've ever returned to Amazon and they were wonderful with the return. Don't buy this.

👤I use it to make half steps in my RV. The side hinge broke after 5 months. I contacted the seller about a warranty and they put me off with useless emails for a week. This product is dangerous. If it collapses under you, you can be hurt.

👤The product broke after one use. Even though the individual is rated to 300 pounds, the step cracked almost immediately. I am not sure if our product is a universal or not. The purchase price was quickly returned by Amazon.

👤The stool folds away for easy storage in the car and it supports a good weight. It can be difficult to get leg up enough so that I can get in the car with bad knees and arthritis. This solved the problem. The biggest problem I had was how to put the stool in the car. After I got in the car, I pulled the stool up and into the car by attaching the twine to the handle. A hole in the handle would allow easy attachment of twine or any other product.

👤My wife broke her hip when the bungie cord snapped. The primary vehicle is a Ford F-150. I ordered this half step because she should try it. She liked it a lot. It's easy to setup. It unfolds. It's easy to position the bad leg. When stepping down, the bad leg goes first. Good leg goes first to Heaven when stepping up. This is a good product that is worth the money. Delivery was good. It's handy for a lot of half step needs around the house.

👤This step is perfect because I needed a platform for doing physical therapy with my dog after spine surgery. It's exactly as it's pictured and described. This is a perfect step for 4” because it has a nonslip surface and folds automatically when you pick it up. I think it is pretty good.

👤It's great for our needs to slide under mom's feet on the tall potty, and it's also great for keeping us out of the right next to the toilet. I glue the grip strips on top back down after they start rolling. I put the pin back in and used duct tape to cover the hole. It works well for our needs. The Squatty Potty product is silly. I like to find affordable ways for people to have the supports they need for independence, but I have high standards. If you needed it for transfers, it would be in the back of the seat. It's worth a try if you need it.

8. Drive Medical Folding Bedside Commode

Drive Medical Folding Bedside Commode

The versatile 3-in-1 Commode Chair can be used as a portable self-contained commode or as a shower chair. The frame is foldable. Their 350-lb capacity commode chair has fold-up legs that are convenient for storage and transportation. The seat and lid are easy to assemble and install. The portable commode and potty chair for adults is made from powder-coated steel and can support up to 350 lbs. The bedside commode bucket is easy to empty and use commode liners for quicker clean ups.

Brand: Drive Medical

👤It's a must have for anyone recovering from foot, ankle, or knee surgery. After struggling to make my way to the toilet on my own after 2 foot and ankle surgeries, I decided to humble myself and get a potty chair to make recovery easier. I wish I had gotten it earlier. It is easy to assemble and move around. You can put a roll of toilet paper on the bar next to the seat for extra convenience. The doctor tells you to drink lots of water to flush your system of general anesthesia and pain killers. You are going to make a lot of trips to the potty. On one foot. And under the influence. The potty chair was placed next to the bed. My husband said it was easy to put the bucket's contents in the toilet. He sprayed the bucket with the cleaner to keep it smelling fresh. The chair is sturdy and stable, with a seat that is similar to our portable camping potty. The bucket is shallow, which could make it difficult to relieve oneself of more than urine. I found it useful as an emergency container when it was empty and clean. The lid helps to keep odors at bay. Weighing 165 lbs., I was able to transfer from bed to potty chair without fear of collapsing because I held the solid arm rails. I scootered myself to the bathroom toilet because I thought it was too much for my husband to have to deal with. He has never changed a baby's diaper.

👤The commode is only for slim or small people. The steel frame could hold 350 pounds, but the person couldn't fit in the chair. This is a non returnable item so be careful ordering.

👤My butt was saved after my foot surgeries. I thought I wouldn't need this, but when I was alone at night and in a wheelchair, it was a lifesaver. I put it next to my bed so I could use the potty. I was afraid I would end up on the floor with a mess of pee, but it held me together. At the time, he was around 195 lbs. Don't judge. I didn't use the plastic bags. Why bother? You can wash it out and not have it sitting in the dump for 2,500 years.

👤I am so happy I did. The product arrived undamaged. This is not a paid review. The item was not appreciated by many reviewers. I am not a lightweight. I weigh 215 pounds and am 5 feet 5 inches. I sat down and had to spare on either side of the armrests because I was fully clothed. I could see that it was wide enough to fit over the inside commode and large enough to fit over the outside one. I put it together in under two minutes. It took me a long time because I am dyslexic. I was looking for a collapsible toilet to take camping, since some of the comfort stations at campgrounds can be frightening. What is the bottom line? I sit down. I fit.

9. Toddler Portable Training Foldable Disposable

Toddler Portable Training Foldable Disposable

After use, urine bucket seal performance is good. This sturdy potty chair seat is suitable for young children, teenagers and adults, it can resist the weight of 220lb, the upper mouth inner ring is 7inch. It is suitalble for all of the right size users. One-step folding, instant closure, is very easy to use. Don't worry about the baby's urgent urination, they have to pull over and take this out, their baby is excited to use it every time! It takes up no space. It is small enough to fit in a backpack for bike rides and hikes and slides under the seat in the van. To clean. Pick up the cleaning bag and throw it away after baby potty training, it's convenient and hygiene, they can purchase more disposable bags from the local supermarket. It is safe and sturdy. There is no need to worry about the baby falling because the potty chair seat is very sturdy and can bear the weight of an adult. It's suitable for many things. The portable toilet is very useful for kids on long trips because it makes potty training easier. The potty chair seat is a great gift for your friends because it comes with an exquisite gift box.

Brand: Yunhecam

👤This is genius. We used this for the first time on a road trip with a toddler. It's convenient, fool-proof, and sturdy. We sat it in the back of a car. No spilling or shifting. We use it at picnics and in our car. There are no spills or accidents there. Get it!

👤It's perfect for a long road trip with a young child. She tells you she has to go too late. It sets up on the floor of our vehicle in a matter of seconds. You never know if someone else will get you up to 200 pounds. I have used it for a small child while camping. I don't feel comfortable with her using the outhouse style toilets at some parks.

👤The potty takes up little space. It's handy when we're in nature areas that don't have easy access to a bathroom. Has been a lifesaver.

👤This has been a great addition to our car. We use it almost daily. It is easy to add the bag in a hurry. This is the best I've had.

👤We purchased this item at the beginning of the epidemic. We didn't want our toddler to be in public restrooms or have accidents because she was potty training. It is so easy to use. It is sturdy and small. The panel behind the seat is where we store it. A game change.

👤My daughter was struggling with potty training but she loves this one. It is easy to pack. This would definitely be recommended.

👤It was a good tool to add to the travel arsenal, but was more cumbersome than useful when trying to set it up for a toddler. Only toddlers on the smaller side can open the opening. Returned it.

👤It's the perfect size to carry around. It was a quick and easy fix to avoid public bathrooms for my kids ages 1-8.

10. Camco 41549 Toilet Bucket Seat

Camco 41549 Toilet Bucket Seat

The seat is 15.75 inches H x 14.65 inches W x 16.65 inches D. The bucket has a toilet seat, lid attachment, and bag liners. Seat snaps onto bucket. It is easy to clean and lightweight. Easily portable with carry handle. It is made of durable, UV- resistant polypropylene. The label on the bucket is not designed to be removed. The label on the bucket is not designed to be removed.

Brand: Camco

👤It is a relief. The only thing that makes the bucket uncomfortable to use is the fact that I can't put the frank and beans in the bucket at the same time. I tried to hide them, but it was painful. I use a big glass jar on the front of the frank and beans to make sure I can pee at the same time. Don't do it at home...

👤The advice was to put Kitty litter in the bottom. It worked out great.

👤The life saver we used at the Dallas Winter Classic Hockey game was perfect with the green tent for privacy. There were no porta potty's when we gated for 3 hours before the game. anywhere. I could have charged more.

👤The bucket toilet is not suitable for males past puberty. If you're a male and using this toilet, you'll need a jar or can outside the bucket to catch the #1 body part, because it's not possible to fit it inside the bucket. I only gave it two stars because it would work for most females. The one being returned is this one. I've found inexpensive bag-waste camping toilets that fit males.

👤We are in the national park. You need to go. It is a long way to the restroom in the dark. This bucket is the only way out. It is stable so you won't fall over.

👤I didn't buy this because I wanted to camping at the moment. It will be a welcome addition when we take it on a camping trip. There is a The maiden voyage for our toilet bucket was to be used on a recent trip across states. The family was trying to comply with the social restrictions placed on them. This trip was necessary for our family. We traveled with 2 early teen girls and avoided contact with people at gas stations and rest stops. I can tell you that it worked well. We put the bucket on the floor of the back seat of the truck after we pulled the front seat all the way forward. It wasn't comfortable but it allowed us ladies to empty our bladders and clean up without any issues. I won't say how others of different weights and sizes would fit in a vehicle. The windows are heavily tinted so they don't have any issues when we parked at rest stops. We decided to seek as much privacy as possible by parking as far away from others as possible. The paternal unit of the family refused to use it and sought relief outside. Thankfully, he didn't need to go #2 as he would have to use the bucket as we did. We did not use it for #2. We felt safer by packing our snacks, drinks and meals in the bucket. At our destination, we used masks and gloves to keep ourselves and others safe. Highly recommended for any trip.

👤This was an amazing addition to our camping trip that we could not enter because of the horrible outhouse. I might purchase more to have each of my family members have their own. Definitely worth it.

11. Alpcour Portable Toilet Built Cleaning

Alpcour Portable Toilet Built Cleaning

There are seals in the odor. No more emergency potty runs. Traveling on the road, while camping, or boating. Latrine is a fully functional, compact, and portable bathroom relief product. No plumbing or external hookups are required for the amazing 50+ FLUSH CAPACITY. Extra large waste tank and water tank for fewer empty trips. The unit is made of heavy duty material. Sturdy Seat supports the entire family, even though it's lightweight. The Sprayer keeps the bowl clean a full 360, while the rotating spout lets you safely dispose of contents when full. Travel-friendly. ECO-FRIENDLY. The complete kit also has a handy case for storing your toilet anywhere.

Brand: Alpcour

👤I was satisfied with the camp toilet. My situation was unique. The toilet worked well. It did the job. I wouldn't buy it again because it misses solid waste. There was some solid waste left on the bowl. There are other toilets that have a 3 way stream that can fix this problem. * The sprayer attachment was an excellent idea, but it did not work. At all. The hose that is supposed to be dropped into the water supply is 3 times longer than it needs to be. The change to do it's job is never given to the beveled end. I think there's too much in the rest of the tube. I was staying in a cabin that had an RV park less than a mile away. The waste tank was in the carry case when I walked from the cabin to the road. I walked very slowly to keep the cargo stable. I drove the remaining distance to the RV park at a snail's pace to keep the waste cargo steady. The outer plastic shell was leaking. I can't imagine a model like this in a boat, RV, or trunk of a car. * Having the RV park close by with the tank and rinse hose was essential to my successful use of this model. I can't imagine how I would have cleaned this out. Hope this helps. Happy camping!

👤I live in the desert and travel a lot. I enjoy drinking water when there is not a restroom around. I need to have a pit stop immediately. I wanted it to be tall but not too high. The product is perfect. It's sturdy, works well and the sprayer is a great addition. I drive an SUV that fits in the back cargo area. There was a tight seal and no leaks. When I need to empty the tank and don't want the whole world knowing I am holding a toilet, I use a carry bag. The price and accessories of this model is a great value.

👤We are very pleased with our portable commode. It makes life simpler. The unit is in a good location. Adding RV antifreeze to the fresh water tank is a good idea. It's pretty easy to clean up. We try to limit use to #1's only if there is an emergency. We appreciate it more when that happens.

👤We are very happy with this product because we are not fans of an actual outhouse when primitive camping. I would suggest not putting toilet paper in it. After cleaning out, I realized I couldn't drain out all the water. I left it open to try and get rid of the water.

👤It was a good move to order before the surgery. I have to walk a few feet to the bedroom. It holds a bit of refuse. It was strong and nearly odor proof. It had a 2-1/2" riser built to give it extra height. Currently repairing plumbing.

👤There is an update at the bottom. I'm not a camper or an outdoor person. I use this toilet in my own place because I share my space with someone who uses our provided toilet poorly. I needed my own toilet because it got so bad. The toilet is worth the price and has made my life easier. I found it to be lovely after using it for a while and doing my own inspections. I haven't had it long, but I love it. I don't recommend this toilet for everyday use. It's fine for what it's intended for, which is camping. If you don't clean it a lot, the smell will get trapped in the toilet and it will be hard to use. I had to store it away because of the smell. Don't use this as an everyday toilet, I can stress that enough.


What is the best product for portable toilet for adults in car?

Portable toilet for adults in car products from Suertree. In this article about portable toilet for adults in car you can see why people choose the product. Yarrashop and Evershop are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable toilet for adults in car.

What are the best brands for portable toilet for adults in car?

Suertree, Yarrashop and Evershop are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable toilet for adults in car. Find the detail in this article. Lionalp, Hguim and Oumee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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