Best Portable Toilet for Camping with Lid

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1. Emergency Zone Brand Bucket Toilet

Emergency Zone Brand Bucket Toilet

There are more refill bags for the OXO Tot. There is a on the go potty. Age is 12 months and above. It works on most 3, 5 and 6-Gallon pails. It's lightweight so you can carry it anywhere. For camping, hunting emergencies, or any place away from modern conveniences. The toilet seat is only included.

Brand: Emergency Zone

👤Warms up quickly in the cold weather. Even for the larger men, it's comfortable. Attaches to a bucket. If gas is expelled from your backside, it will travel to the path of least resistance, so be careful if you are a larger fella. The "ball valve" in the front is the path of least resistance. A group of 8 bigger guys used the product for a week.

👤We have a camping toilet in our tent. The bath house is no longer a problem for late night trips. The homestead was set up for the women to use while out working. It is a top product. The lid is closed to prevent spills. We use kitty litter in the trash. It's easy to clean up.

👤I thought this was useful when I arrived. I bought it to be used as a portable toilet, just like it was advertised. It had a roll of plastic bags. The bags are too thin and can tear easily. The first two times I used the toilet, the bags tore and the waste was all over the bucket. I put it away. I used generic white kitchen trash compactor bags to dispose of the remaining bags. The toilet seat-to-lid hinge broke three times when I tried to use it. It no longer closes correctly. I'm looking for a better seat. Even if I have to modify a regular seat to fit onto a 5-gallon bucket, this one is going in the trash. This product is considered to be cheap Chinese made junk. I was expecting better evaluation of the products you sell.

👤It's perfect for my current needs. The hinge could be better designed, so I gave it four stars. I have to center the lid so that it opens fully when I open it. It's not that big of a hassle and I can't complain because of the low cost. I'm using this as an alternative to flush the toilet. I fill the other bucket so that one can air out in the sunshine after washing it. I use free sawdust from the mill to cover the bucket. I cover it with sawdust and it doesn't smell anymore. I was able to keep the bucket in the bathroom. I compost in the yard along with my kitchen scraps and other items. I cover it with a lot of straw and dig it into the center of the heap. The heap doesn't smell bad. I have not had any flies or unwanted animals. Compost can be spread to nourish the soil after a year in a thermophilic pile. It's a great way to feed the soil and not have to flush water down the pipes. I'm happy with this system and the price was right, but there are more expensive ways to accomplish the same. There are some great books and websites that can help you along.

👤I made an emergency bucket for a kindergarten class. The teacher can put up a curtain and set up a toilet for the kids in an emergency. I used a bucket.

2. Dunny Seat Portable Emergency Preparedness

Dunny Seat Portable Emergency Preparedness

The following products have been found to comply with the specifications established in the American Society for Testing and Materials standard. The bucket is transformed into a portable toilet. It works with most 5 gallon buckets. The seat snaps to the pail. When not in use, the lid snaps to seat. Strong and hardy. The portable toilet seat is strong and will not bend. COMFORT: The lightweight and comfortable Dunny Seat is portable and can handle a heavy load. It was so good that your man never had it before. It's perfect for hunting, camping and fishing. When nature calls, keep as an emergency toilet. There are things to note. The design is small for easy storage. For reuse, it's easy to be washed. Only the toilet seat. Not included is the bucket. The type of closure is snap-on.

Brand: Dunny Seat

👤The product was worse than the waste it was meant to serve.

👤It's well made. It should last a long time. I keep it in a shed that is close to the house. I wish I'd thought of it a long time ago. It's not possible to walk to the house in the rain or cold. The blue bucket is in Walmart. It works perfectly. The Denny Seat bucket and 1 gallon urinal jug work well together. Excellent idea and product. Thanks.

👤It works but I wish it was easier to take on and off the bucket. I bought one from Lowes.

👤I can finally fulfill my life long dream of pooping in any bucket.

👤The world is not a standard bucket. I tried three different ones.

👤We use a composting toilet in our home and this is just a temporary seat, but it's sturdy and comfortable. The buckets are 5 gallon.

👤I tried to put it on, but it didn't fit. Total rip off. Don't buy it.

👤It worked great and fit on a six gallon bucket, which raises set a bit over a five gallon bucket.

3. Camco Toilet Designed Recreational Activities 5 3 41541

Camco Toilet Designed Recreational Activities 5 3 41541

Travel-friendly. ECO-FRIENDLY. The complete kit also has a handy case for storing your toilet anywhere. The 2.5 gallon flush tank is separate from the 5.3 gallon holding tank. The slide valve protects against odors. The tank is secured to the toilet. Sturdy construction and flush type. The seat is 15.75 inches H x 14.65 inches W x 16.65 inches D. The seat is 15.75 inches H x 14.65 inches W x 16.65 inches D.

Brand: Camco

👤I bought this toilet to add to my van. I waited to write this review until I had battle tested it and emptied the black tank, because I was very pleased to see that it worked efficiently. I decided to see what it was like to use it for solid waste. I emptied the black water tank after using it several times. - When I emptied the black water tank, I smelled it. I put the chemicals in the toilet because it works so well. It seems that single-ply toilet paper is the best option, so it will do better in the system. I recommend not using this for solid waste if you have a compromised olfactory senses, or if you just like gagging... We all have things. If you need to use this for solid waste, you should empty it at your earliest convenience. I hope you will be as happy with this purchase as I am. Every once in a while, you see a review about the toilet that says it leaks or the seals aren't right. Shake the system to make sure it's water tight. If you get an imperfect one, you can swap it unused.

👤The best thing I could have gotten for our camping trips was this. My kids made fun of me when I said I couldn't walk to the restroom at the campsite. I don't want to walk through the trees in the dark. The "Queen's Throne" was used frequently by the "nay sayers". All night long. It's convenient for the little ones. The top half was filled with clean water. I dropped one of the dissolving pouches into the bottom with a large cup of water to get it started and not have the first use get stuck to the bottom so-to-speak. There were 2 children and 2 adults who used this on a regular basis when we were at the campsite. There was a good amount of clean water in the top half of the building. There was no smell at all. I was very happy with this! Everything was clean and the waste went down the opening cleanly. My son had to get the container into the car so I could take it to the dump station because it is very heavy. It's very easy to empty into the station disposal. It was not gross, but everything was solved, and there was no horrible odor. The waste tablets that come with the unit work well. Take the hose to the dump station and rinse the bottom part. I kept a container of hand wipes next to the unit so everyone could wash their hands after using them. This is the unit to have for convenient, sanitary, odorless 'personal' restroom convenience. Very, very recommend it. We will get a lot of use out of this. There are pictures of the Queen's Throne in my tent.

👤The product was great for our trip to see the eclipse. We were in the middle of nowhere and I needed a potty for our kids and us. This was great! It held a lot of waste and water. We used it all weekend. I put it in a giant black bag and sealed it with a pull-tie when I got it back in the car. The potty was a huge success and we didn't experience any foul odors in the car. The kids and adults used it. The water sprayer is not very strong. I kept extra water in the tent to rinse the bowl. It was easy to keep the tent clean because I kept a few cleaning wipes handy. I gave this product a 4 star because I found emptying the tank to be awful. The waste canister should come with a hose so you can direct the waste to the dump site. I would not recommend disposing of this waste in a household toilet since it would be very hard on the pipes and probably cause a problem. We took the waste to a rest area. There was a lot of gross waste on our feet when we tried to dump it. I took the waste home to rinse it out. When I poured the rest into the toilet, the water was all over the bathroom and it smelled terrible. The product is great, but they should sell it with a hose like RV's use so we could dump it. I would pay more to have a hose and save my shoes and bathroom from flying poop. It's a mess and disgusting to clean. The MIGVELA Pop-up Tent worked well together for a weekend. The potty is made of great quality and I think we will use it a lot. It was a huge success. I need to buy gloves and find a hose to use.

4. PLAYBERG Folding Portable Toilet Camping

PLAYBERG Folding Portable Toilet Camping

We were thinking about you when they were designing the portable toilet. There is Gel. There is a porta potty Urine Absorbent. You are always first. If you need assistance, please contact them. 13.75" W x 14.5" L x 14" H is the measurement. Stores and folds are easy to do. A convenient sitting position. It's easy to carry. It is easy to clean with toilet waste bags.

Brand: Playberg

👤This is marginally better than the Reliance Hassock toilet that I currently have. It's too small and can't handle my weight. I sat on this one and it was pretty sturdy. It looks like it might be difficult to find a container that I can fit under the seat. I don't understand why a decent chemical toilet isn't made in these modern times, it's too big and portable. There are lots of "Fat Asses" out there, so I think it would be profitable.

👤We used the folding toilet system on the back of my kayak as a spare when we went to Lake Powell with 10 people. I bought a cheap plastic toilet seat lid. I used a plastic bag from the wag bag system over the seat and tied a corner to keep the seat covered. My bags fit over this seat nicely and went down to the ground so the weight from the waste wasn't dragging the plastic off of the toilet seat. I had to change it out every night. The seat is low, but sturdy, and you could comfortably put your full weight on it, even if you don't want to slam it down. We didn't have a stress test because I was the heaviest in the group at a hundred and sixty pounds. It worked well for me.

👤When I saw how low the potty was, I held onto a chair and table to lower my elderly self onto it. It's very strong. I was able to get up. If you sit in the front of the seat, the chair will fold. I'm hoping this chair isn't used. It appears that it was wiped down and paint was removed from one leg. I need it this week so I scrubbed it and put it in my truck bed with my camping gear. We'll see how it goes after the price was right.

👤This is smaller and less expensive than other models I have seen, but it is sturdy enough to hold me. It is difficult to collapse for carrying, but is also lighter than other models. I would buy it again.

👤What a relief! The bags that I bought made this a no mess option. It was great to have this during our camping trip and it made a world of difference.

👤The product does what it is supposed to do. It is light enough to pack and carry, but sturdy enough to be comfortable. We use it for camping but also to avoid public restrooms during times of high activity. It is perfect.

👤There were stains when the used was arrived. Disgusting!

👤If you're going camping in a car, this is useful. Don't expect to carry this with you on a hike, it's big and clunky.

👤We used the toilet seat. There is sand. Half of the Stickers have been removed. It was scratched up. I bought it because I need it for a trip. Will try to sterilize. Beware!

👤It isn't good for someone who is overweight or has bad knees but it is good for us.

5. Portable Chemicals Absorbent Absorber Deodorizer

Portable Chemicals Absorbent Absorber Deodorizer

Most economic! A large container of 32 Oz. The number one choice for convenient toxicity chemicals is Jar. It is spill-proof because of the gels and solidifies waste. It is possible to quickly solidify urine into a solid gel that will not leak and is splash-proof. This makes handling the urine waste easier and safer. Adding powder to a disposable bag is the perfect solution for camping toilet bags. Simply sprinkle Nature's Pure Edge urine solidifier on the urine and waste in the container. The urine is absorbed by the granules and turned into a gel that can be dumped out of any container like a pet loo bin, portable toilet, or a urinal. There was no odor, mess, or leaks. It is scientifically developed to quickly absorb and stop stinky urine and waste odors, while solidifying the urine and waste. The power of other products should be doubled. It's perfect for pet loos, dog litter boxes, pet potty trainer, portable urinals, portable toilets, toilet buckets, and bedpans. No escapes! It's perfect for camping toilets. Compost bags for portable toiletet bucket, porta potty, camping toilet, and emergency toilet absorb and absorb liquid waste. The most economical option is available. Extra large container! 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Their urine and waste absorber is the most effective way to absorb urine and waste. They value their customers' satisfaction. They will give a full refund if you're not completely satisfied.

Brand: Nature's Pure Edge

👤Yes. I am a plumbing professional. I remember a company marketing the exact same product as a solution to changing out a ballcock. The water from the toilet tank was empty when you sprinkled it in the tank. Making it easy to remove the ballcock. It sounded great in theory, but no one really needed it. We drain the tank after carrying a tea pitchure. The homeowner always has some TP handy to wipe that up. When I said "I wish I could solidify that water", it was a really odd scenario. This is the same thing. This type of stuff was marketed by another company. The brand name was "water grabber". It held the water and kept the soil moist. We don't want moist soil as an organic farmer. We want wet then moist. It is better if the soil dries out for a short time between waterings. It failed again. There is a This is a real use. Anyone with a cat or dog knows they can empty their bladders at the wrong time. This is very clever. It sucks the liquid up. One could argue that paper towels do the same thing, but you can't flush a paper towel. You can flush this. Excellent. An old product is now practical. If we could stop the tom cats from marking their territory. That would be breaking news. If my review was informative, please click that HELPFUL button.

👤The amount in the container is definitely not 32 ounces. It is 21.34oz. There is a significant discrepancy.

👤This product is used in a bathroom. I didn't like the fact that as soon as I open it, the beads start popping out. It doesn't come with a scoop for easy handling of the product. I had to pour it in another container and use a scoop to get it into the commode. The first time it was a mess. After using the product, I can say that it is good to solidify liquids. I hope people in this industry make the packaging better. I thought of a container with a spout.

👤Absolutely amazing. We use a portable toilet. Cleanup was much easier because there was no smell, gels or anything else. Great product!

👤I wanted to save money by buying this instead of the liners that have the powder already in them. For someone who will be using the commode for a long time, it gets expensive to use those. I have been using this product for a week. I put a liner in the bathroom. I don't know how much it is, but I guess it's a couple ounces. If your loved one does a lot of #2, there will be some odor until you cover the waste with the powder. I did that as a test and it eliminated the smell. It works for small amounts of both. It will last us a long time, but I will probably buy it again once this runs out. The pre-made combo is more economical.

6. ACG INC Portable Camping Folding Emergency

ACG INC Portable Camping Folding Emergency

It can fit in any purse, diaper bag or duffle. It is convenient to provide a personal, safe, and sanitary toilet for kids on all your trips. It should be in your car, boat, camper or RV for quick access when traveling, at the park or beach, or whenever the urgent need arises. The portable toilet is easy to set-up and folds to 3 inches high. It is a constant companion for your camping, RV adventures or other nature exploration activities, so you won't get stuck somewhere without a toilet. The camping toilet is upgraded with a lid. It can keep odors down by closing the lid when not in use. The portable potty can be converted into a low stool or storage box with the help of the functional lid. The portable toilet for camping is sturdy and comfortable. It can hold up to 330 pounds of weight, which means that it can stay on the ground. It can be used as a toilet for the car, as well as a trash can or a vomiting bucket for pregnant women. The folding toilet can be used at home as a backup in case of emergencies such as power outages or hurricanes. The package includes a portable toilet, handy bag, and 12 toilet replacement bags. You can put the bag over the bucket for quick clean ups. The package includes a portable toilet, handy bag, and 12 toilet replacement bags. You can put the bag over the bucket for quick clean ups.

Brand: Acg-inc

👤It is perfect for all of our outdoor adventures, even when there is no bathroom in site. It is a small size and can be collapsed to easily carry and store anything. Definitely a life saver. We travel with two boys. You can get a set of disposable bags/liners.

7. IPXEAD Portable Camping Stainless Emergency

IPXEAD Portable Camping Stainless Emergency

If there are any problems with their products, they would be happy to solve them. The camping portable toilet is designed for people in need, it's great for emergencies, it's also great for long car trips, fishing, outdoor living, parties, park festivals, and it's one of the must have camping accessories wherever you travel. If you still have a problem with the portable folding toilet, please let them know. The portable toilet is made of high quality material, with a sturdy and rust-resistant frame, and a rubber stop at the base of each leg. The portable toilet foldable design is easy to carry. It is easy to fold extre mely flat for convenient storage in your car, home, garage, boat, camper, or trailer. If there are any problems with their products, please contact them and they would be happy to solve them.

Brand: Ipxead

👤We used this with our privacy tent and bags that you bury so you don't have to take anything with you.

👤The frame is a study. It was easy to put together but took a long time because the nuts shipped with it didn't fit right and my big hands had trouble fitting into tight spaces with the wrench supplied. The unit was solid, but on the short side. The bags that were shipped with it were the worst and got me wet. You should bring your own garbage bags.

👤The box was opened to make sure it was the correct item. I took it with me to camping. The missing nuts and screws made it difficult to use it. I was not a happy camper.

👤It will do the job.

👤It is a bit fragile for a bigger person. The plastic bags seem to be made of thin plastic that will leak, and they are easy to rip.

8. Siewl Portable Camping Folding Waterproof

Siewl Portable Camping Folding Waterproof

We welcome you with open arms to join their list of satisfied customers. If you have a problem with your portable toliet, please contact them and they will be happy to help you within 24 hours. The larger size and wider portable toilet seat brings a more relax experience. The camping toilet is made of premium quality plastic and has a load capacity of up to 400 pounds, it is sturdy and is easy to clean. The portable toilet is easy to carry. Excellent load-bearing capacity and light weight are characteristics of it. This is a portable toilet that can be used for traffic jam, camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, boating, marine, long road trips, beach, outdoor living, construction sites, and any other emergencies. The cover design of Multi-Functions makes it very practical to switch between different modes of use. The portable toilet for car can be used as a toilet outside, but also as a seat, stool, storage box, vomit bucket, trash can, and more. The porta potty is easy to set up and fold down. It was easy and quick. Their portable camping toilet is compatible with any bag that has a 6 gallon capacity to make it easier to clean up on the road. Before use, please put the garbage bag in the toilet to keep it clean. The package includes a portable toilet bucket with lid, a carry bag, and a packaging box. The toilet bags are thick and black. If there are any issues with their products, contact them.

Brand: Siewl

👤This was a necessity for me and my family. Restaurants, gas stations, and public buildings have stopped allowing people to use their public restrooms since the Pandemic. I needed to use a restroom every 30 minutes to an hour. This will be a back up in case the restrooms don't open in time. I tried it at home and noticed a few things. It feels cheap. My sister asked if I bought a kids toy, but it held my thick hips. If you're in a hurry, you need to set it up fast or you'll have a mess in your clothes. It took me a long time to practice how to open and pack it. It had 12 mini garbage bags. I have 10 bags left since I used 2 to test it out. There is a If you want to keep using the mini bags, double bag them or triple bag them. There is a I plan to buy some heavy duty garbage bags. There is a Since I need to make sure the restroom is ready in a hurry, I double bag my left over bags and put them in a mini purse, ready to use when I need to. If you're a heavy set or a tall person, you will have a hard time getting up off it. It needs to be on a flat surface, and I have a collapsible board for this purpose in the car. Even if it is flimsy, I like that it came with a case. The seller didn't put my item in a brown box. Everyone saw what I bought. There is a The packaging was strong. I will recommend this to my family and friends.

👤I use this when I need to do my business where there are no rest rooms. It folds up out of the way and seems sturdy. If the bags leak, double or triple bagging is recommended.

👤We did a day camp and didn't want to use public toilets, so we got this for the trip. This is very useful. I always carry a potty. They are too big now. 4, 9, and 12 year olds don't sweat. It's nice to have.

👤This was purchased to use on our boat. I believe it will do the job well. It is easy to open and close. It folds down into a small carry bag which can be used under a boat seat. The idea is great and the size is good.

👤It is easy to pack but flimsy. I don't think it would hold its weight rating. The bag was ripped on the first use.

👤There is no handle on top or in front. Be discreet! Everybody doesn't need to know my business.

👤Many of our state's rest stops got closed down due to cutbacks and can make traveling difficult if you have children or even adults with bladder problems. It can be hard to find public restrooms when you add COVID. The portable toilet is what it is. It folds down and has a carrying bag. You just open the sides, press down the bottom, put a bag in, and lower the seat over it. I found a thirteen gallon kitchen bag that fits perfectly if you run out, even though they provide a few bags. I like the shape of the portable toilet. It looks like a regular toilet. The plastic it is made of is thinner than I expected. The cover is very flimsy. I was wondering if it would hold an adult, since it keeps down on the weight. It is not comfortable to sit on, but it did hold my weight. It's very low, making it a challenge for a larger person, elderly or anyone who has limited range of motion. It would be much better if it was two inches higher. It is better if you are on the road, camping, or just stuck anywhere without running water and nature calls. It could be better.

9. Camco Durable Leak Proof Camping 41547

Camco Durable Leak Proof Camping 41547

The rotating pour-out spout is exclusive. The bags are designed to line the buckets. It's compatible with most 5-gallon buckets. Absorbent gel that converts liquids to solid for easy disposal helps maintain the cleanliness of your bucket toilet. It's perfect for camping, hunting and other remote activities. There are bucket bags per pack. There are bucket bags per pack.

Brand: Camco

👤This product works. I sent my son in law to test out with me. He was there for 4 1/2 days. I wanted his honest opinion about camping. When the girls go camping, I bought another box.

👤It is heavy duty, however, and you can put a liner in your bucket first, and then put the bag in for your waist, so you have double protection, I didn't have any problems with this one. The bag was great, but I like to give myself a peace of mind just in case.

👤I use 2 contractors trash bags with kitty litter in my potty tent. Absolutely no smell. I sprayed everything with lysol and left the tent and bucket to air out because the gel smells so bad. When I get home, I pull out the bleach and go back to kitty litter.

👤After trying these out, I would give 5 stars, except they are very expensive. The double lined bag has treatment powder in it and it did not smell when used for a couple of days. The bag is easy to dispose of.

👤You only get 3 bags 1 pak, rip-off, if the ad is true. Don't pay too much for 3 bags.

👤It was easy to slip these into our traveling potty and we were able to go to the lake. It was very easy to fold the bag inside of the zip up bag and throw it in the trash.

👤All over. I would have sent it back, but it was a mess. I will fool you once.

👤The use is for camping. It is very easy and very useful. What can I say? No gun in the way to go.

👤The bags are good. The lid does not snap shut. I bought a one that does not snap and stay closed. It doesn't affect actually using this when it's an issue when transporting. The bucket well lid won't snap closed and stay closed, it just won't screw on. It works well.

👤This is the bag that you're looking for and it has a ziplock closure. I've never been happier spending my money on a bag.

👤It's great to have cottage emergencies on the side.

👤INRDeals It says 3 pack and 3 bucket bags per pack. You would expect 9 in total. It was too expensive for only 3 bags. You should buy another brand.

👤Don't waste your money on this, it doesn't do anything.

10. Camco 41549 Toilet Bucket Seat

Camco 41549 Toilet Bucket Seat

The seat is 15.75 inches H x 14.65 inches W x 16.65 inches D. The bucket has a toilet seat, lid attachment, and bag liners. Seat snaps onto bucket. It is easy to clean and lightweight. Easily portable with carry handle. It is made of durable, UV- resistant polypropylene. The label on the bucket is not designed to be removed. The label on the bucket is not designed to be removed.

Brand: Camco

👤It is a relief. The only thing that makes the bucket uncomfortable to use is the fact that I can't put the frank and beans in the bucket at the same time. I tried to hide them, but it was painful. I use a big glass jar on the front of the frank and beans to make sure I can pee at the same time. Don't do it at home...

👤The advice was to put Kitty litter in the bottom. It worked out great.

👤The life saver we used at the Dallas Winter Classic Hockey game was perfect with the green tent for privacy. There were no porta potty's when we gated for 3 hours before the game. anywhere. I could have charged more.

👤The bucket toilet is not suitable for males past puberty. If you're a male and using this toilet, you'll need a jar or can outside the bucket to catch the #1 body part, because it's not possible to fit it inside the bucket. I only gave it two stars because it would work for most females. The one being returned is this one. I've found inexpensive bag-waste camping toilets that fit males.

👤We are in the national park. You need to go. It is a long way to the restroom in the dark. This bucket is the only way out. It is stable so you won't fall over.

👤I didn't buy this because I wanted to camping at the moment. It will be a welcome addition when we take it on a camping trip. There is a The maiden voyage for our toilet bucket was to be used on a recent trip across states. The family was trying to comply with the social restrictions placed on them. This trip was necessary for our family. We traveled with 2 early teen girls and avoided contact with people at gas stations and rest stops. I can tell you that it worked well. We put the bucket on the floor of the back seat of the truck after we pulled the front seat all the way forward. It wasn't comfortable but it allowed us ladies to empty our bladders and clean up without any issues. I won't say how others of different weights and sizes would fit in a vehicle. The windows are heavily tinted so they don't have any issues when we parked at rest stops. We decided to seek as much privacy as possible by parking as far away from others as possible. The paternal unit of the family refused to use it and sought relief outside. Thankfully, he didn't need to go #2 as he would have to use the bucket as we did. We did not use it for #2. We felt safer by packing our snacks, drinks and meals in the bucket. At our destination, we used masks and gloves to keep ourselves and others safe. Highly recommended for any trip.

👤This was an amazing addition to our camping trip that we could not enter because of the horrible outhouse. I might purchase more to have each of my family members have their own. Definitely worth it.

11. Alpcour Portable Toilet Built Cleaning

Alpcour Portable Toilet Built Cleaning

There are seals in the odor. No more emergency potty runs. Traveling on the road, while camping, or boating. Latrine is a fully functional, compact, and portable bathroom relief product. No plumbing or external hookups are required for the amazing 50+ FLUSH CAPACITY. Extra large waste tank and water tank for fewer empty trips. The unit is made of heavy duty material. Sturdy Seat supports the entire family, even though it's lightweight. The Sprayer keeps the bowl clean a full 360, while the rotating spout lets you safely dispose of contents when full. Travel-friendly. ECO-FRIENDLY. The complete kit also has a handy case for storing your toilet anywhere.

Brand: Alpcour

👤I was satisfied with the camp toilet. My situation was unique. The toilet worked well. It did the job. I wouldn't buy it again because it misses solid waste. There was some solid waste left on the bowl. There are other toilets that have a 3 way stream that can fix this problem. * The sprayer attachment was an excellent idea, but it did not work. At all. The hose that is supposed to be dropped into the water supply is 3 times longer than it needs to be. The change to do it's job is never given to the beveled end. I think there's too much in the rest of the tube. I was staying in a cabin that had an RV park less than a mile away. The waste tank was in the carry case when I walked from the cabin to the road. I walked very slowly to keep the cargo stable. I drove the remaining distance to the RV park at a snail's pace to keep the waste cargo steady. The outer plastic shell was leaking. I can't imagine a model like this in a boat, RV, or trunk of a car. * Having the RV park close by with the tank and rinse hose was essential to my successful use of this model. I can't imagine how I would have cleaned this out. Hope this helps. Happy camping!

👤I live in the desert and travel a lot. I enjoy drinking water when there is not a restroom around. I need to have a pit stop immediately. I wanted it to be tall but not too high. The product is perfect. It's sturdy, works well and the sprayer is a great addition. I drive an SUV that fits in the back cargo area. There was a tight seal and no leaks. When I need to empty the tank and don't want the whole world knowing I am holding a toilet, I use a carry bag. The price and accessories of this model is a great value.

👤We are very pleased with our portable commode. It makes life simpler. The unit is in a good location. Adding RV antifreeze to the fresh water tank is a good idea. It's pretty easy to clean up. We try to limit use to #1's only if there is an emergency. We appreciate it more when that happens.

👤We are very happy with this product because we are not fans of an actual outhouse when primitive camping. I would suggest not putting toilet paper in it. After cleaning out, I realized I couldn't drain out all the water. I left it open to try and get rid of the water.

👤It was a good move to order before the surgery. I have to walk a few feet to the bedroom. It holds a bit of refuse. It was strong and nearly odor proof. It had a 2-1/2" riser built to give it extra height. Currently repairing plumbing.

👤There is an update at the bottom. I'm not a camper or an outdoor person. I use this toilet in my own place because I share my space with someone who uses our provided toilet poorly. I needed my own toilet because it got so bad. The toilet is worth the price and has made my life easier. I found it to be lovely after using it for a while and doing my own inspections. I haven't had it long, but I love it. I don't recommend this toilet for everyday use. It's fine for what it's intended for, which is camping. If you don't clean it a lot, the smell will get trapped in the toilet and it will be hard to use. I had to store it away because of the smell. Don't use this as an everyday toilet, I can stress that enough.


What is the best product for portable toilet for camping with lid?

Portable toilet for camping with lid products from Emergency Zone. In this article about portable toilet for camping with lid you can see why people choose the product. Dunny Seat and Camco are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable toilet for camping with lid.

What are the best brands for portable toilet for camping with lid?

Emergency Zone, Dunny Seat and Camco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable toilet for camping with lid. Find the detail in this article. Playberg, Nature's Pure Edge and Acg-inc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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