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1. BISSELL Portable Machine Formula 74R7

BISSELL Portable Machine Formula 74R7

The purchase of abissELL helps save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. Pet stains and messes are removed. Difficult pet odors are eliminated. Spot cleaning on carpets and rugs is quick and effective. It's great for removing tough stains from pets. It's a formula for portable carpet cleaners. There is no heavy metals, phosphates or dyes in it. There are detergents that are Biodegradable. When used as directed, a pet and family are safe.

Brand: Bissell

👤My cat is sad. He blamed his siblings for peeing on carpets. I set up a camera to catch him. My house stinks. I bought the bissel spot cleaner and the bissel icy post after borrowing it. This stuff smells great! My cat is peeing. I'm pretty sure if it's covering up or removing the smell entirely. It smells great and cleans like a dream. I'm at it, but anyone want a cat? He's a blue point. He's yours.

👤This stuff doesn't work for me. We got a rug from Pier 1 and it is mostly white with some gray on it. It's terrible to buy a rug when you have 2 dogs who spend a lot of time outside, but it's the only rug I could find that I liked. Our dogs like it as well. They like to roll on it and sleep on it, making you think it's a tan rug. I got a carpet cleaner from Bissell and bought a pet wash to use with it. I end up having to clean the whole rug twice. Spot stains don't come out when I run over them many times. I had enough. The stains came out after I poured the vinegar on them. When I cleaned my carpet, I put half of the tank with water and the other half with vinegar. I. Only had to run over the rug once and hit a few stains. It was a lot simpler to use water and water than it was to use a hair product. Maybe it's the material of my rug that doesn't work. It doesn't clean well enough for me.

👤I have 3 dogs. Three: small, medium and large. Medium is a little older, and very lazy, and will occasionally have a carpet accident, which is beyond me, because we need to have a talk. Small, who was fostered in a home that used pee pads that just encouraged him to pee in the house and whom I have been trying to break of this habit ever since, will mark if he sees that Medium has peed. Good times. I have a section of a room that is depressing and needs to be cleaned every couple of months with a steam cleaner. I decided to add the pet-specific formula to my cart because I bought the Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Pupose Carpet Cleaner with cleaning solution. Glad I did it. Large was our latest rescue and although she was generally healthy, she did need to be dewormed. She got sick the same week she was supposed to take her last round of pills. Really sick. Stop reading if you find grossness and bodily fluids repulsive. If you're reading carpet steamer and pet stain reviews, you're likely to have some of the same issues. She was throwing up and had blood in both of her stools. Uncontrollable. She got the wall to wall carpeting, 2 area rugs, wood and tile, and I have a steam mop for those areas. You can guess by the 5 star review, but the steamer and solution got them all out. First attempt. There were no marks, nothing. It's like it never happened, except for my retinas, which can never unsee such things. I will also mention that most of this was done at 4am, when no one was in their right mind, and that I was able to do it at that hour. Is. All. Gone. Sidenote: Large ended up in the hospital with a lot of different kinds of worms, but is fine now. We were not upset about the carpet steamer test because we love her. I would recommend this solution. A thousand times.

2. Bissell ProHeat Full Size Cleaning Appliances

Bissell ProHeat Full Size Cleaning Appliances

The power source is corded electric. You can use a hydrorinse tool to rinse the hose after each use to remove build up, pet hair, dirt and linger odor. The heat wave technology keeps the water temperature consistent. The capacity of the tank is 37 ounces. The Tough Stain tool is included in the water tanks for easy emptying. The Professional Spot & Stain Plus OXY is a trial formula.

Brand: Bissell

👤Before using the hose, duct-tape it first, with thin flexible duct-tape wrapped many times around. Make sure to get the seams at the beginning and end. I'm hoping this will keep the hose from splitting in the first month. We'll see. I will keep you updated.

👤Terrible experience. The sofa frame and arm rests were cleaned. The sofa is only 5 years old. Everything was very wet when the steamer left. The sofa looked worse after it had been dried. Attachments don't clean because they are too wet, poor, and inefficient. Returned.

👤I use it for cleaning because I have been potty training my twins and there have been accidents. I don't know if I'm using it right or just the quality of the product. I have had to go over the carpet many times because it still smells like urine. I don't think it's clean and it doesn't give me as much water as I need.

👤The machine works well and I wish I had bought it a few years ago. I opened the machine and used it, but I didn't have a tool. The seller was very responsive and was able to resolve the issue. I keep asking Little Green, where have you been my whole life? I live with a squirrel. You can imagine the mess. After 10 years of trying to keep his trees clean by hand, I finally purchased the Little Green, and now his trees look fresh out of the box every time I clean them. The Little Green removes most of the water from the trees so they can dry out completely within an hour. This machine is a lifesaver for me and will allow me to use these expensive trees for years. Great product!

👤The previous owners had four dogs of their own and the dog that has accidents is carpeted upstairs. The machine has been able to clean up their leftover spots. If I only use the heated water first, it will remove soils as if I were using the carpet cleaning solution. So impressed. It is easy to use and clean. I am not too concerned about the hose cleaner attachment being easily lost as I am organized and it doesn't attach securely.

👤I borrowed the machine from my daughter and fell in love with it. I had to buy one for myself since my grand dog likes to use my carpet instead of the grass outside. The machine and solution take all the stains and odors out of my carpet.

👤I bought this for my son as a Christmas gift. The strong suction was there. Did the job.

👤If I could use the brush in corners, I would give this a five star rating. The design of the section extends far for the brushes to reach most corners.

👤The machine is for people with pets. My cat peed all over the carpet in a corner of the room. The smell was terrible. I can attest to the fact that this machine helped get that smell right out. I can't believe how well it worked and only had to clean once. I used the sample bottle of cleaner that came with it. I sprayed all the spots, then scrubbed them, and voila! People with cats know that it is hard to get rid of the smell. The section was great, but a lot of reviews complain about it. I used a strong downward pressure on the spots after I finished, just like the instructions say, and they were barely damp after I finished. It is easy to store. It is easy to take apart and clean the self cleaning hose attachment. I let it dry before putting it back together. I didn't have any issues with it leaking, so maybe you didn't attach it all together properly or have a faulty one? I watched a video on how to use it to make sure I was getting it's full potential, and read all the instructions and follow them carefully. I have no issues at all. If it can get cat pee stains and odour out, I think it can get almost anything out.

3. BISSELL ProHeat Revolution Upright 1548F

BISSELL ProHeat Revolution Upright 1548F

Purchases save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. The Leading Rental was cleaned out. Half the weight of the leading rental carpet cleaning machine. The MAX Clean Mode is on. Removes dirt, stains and allergens. Two specialized tools. Pet messes on stairs, upholstery and hard-to-reach areas can be removed with the Pet Stain Tool and Tough Stain tool. Dirt and Stains can be removed. Use with the formula. Eliminate more than 85% of thebacteria. Use with the Antibacterial formula. There are two DirtLifter PowerBrushes. There are rows of bristles that are cleaned to remove dirt.

Brand: Bissell

👤Buy a carpet cleaner. The only pictures you need are the before and after pictures of dog pee that I cleaned out of the carpet. Black lights are not lying. I have seen a lot of reviews bashing this cleaner because it is leaking. It uses liquid and has water lines. Yes. If you disconnected the water tanks immediately after you finish, it won't leak that much. When I get done removing the clean tank from the top, I pull the lever to let the rest of the water out. After you turn it off, the leaking is eliminated. The hose attachment works the same as you would expect. I had to clean dog pee from my girlfriend's car seat because the hose attachment was beautiful. There is a lot of cleaning liquid. The pee was removed from the fabric and it was not wet after. If you have pets, it is a must if you don't want to always be wearing flipflops around the house for fear of stepping in a pee spot. It is recommended that you get a small black light flashlight to find places that need cleaning.

👤The machine is lightweight and easy to manipulate, but it left me overwhelmed. I used the new machine after vac'ing the carpet twice with a Bissell vacuum cleaner. This was a "pet-pro" model and it seemed to plug up fairly quickly. It was reviewed that it was better than professional machines. I found it hard to clean brushes and nozzles, and I will want to redo this first room in a day or two to get it as nice as possible. The reviews and features indicated that this would be an easy chip shot, so maybe I should have called them back this year. I think this model would be good for touch-ups or bi-weekly to monthly maintenance, but I don't see the deep clean part.

👤I don't know why people write negative reviews about this product. A cat urinates on only one room. The product is easy to use, and we had a carpet that most people wouldn't throw away. I was able to get the carpet to look like I could entertain guests. The machine is able to remove stains. It doesn't leak, but it does create little carpet balls that need to be cleaned out of the brushes and head after use. Our carpet is 22 years old and looks brand new. The people who complain about the machine are using it like a vacuum. Within 12 hours, our carpet was completely dry. I held the Trigger down for three passes, one forward, one back and one forward again. The carpet was sucked at a rate of about 1 ft./min. If you want to get the most out of your cleaning, you need to make sure that the small sections are cleaned at a time that is convenient for you. It is important to go slowly when cleaning. I've used at least four different carpet cleaners and this is the best one I've ever used. I don't think I would want to use it for a large room because of the size of the head. I would rate this 10 stars. Roll up your jeans if you use this machine in bare feet. The hard way is where I found it. We leave blue stains on the carpet because I was stepping on my blue jeans with my heel, even though they have been washed many times. The stains were removed with this machine. Many people want to rip it out of the box and use it immediately. I think it is important to read all the directions with this machine. Good luck! The cleaner continues to impress after 3 months of use. It's easy to use and easy to clean. Make sure to vacuum before using. For the best results, go slow during the process. A rate of one foot per minute will make a difference.

4. BISSELL JetScrub Upright Cleaner 25299

BISSELL JetScrub Upright Cleaner 25299

The purchase of abissELL helps save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. The Clean shot Pretreater is the best upright spot and stain cleaner. The Dirt Lifter Power Brush has 10 rows of bristles and is great for removing dirt and stains. The design is light and easy to grab and go to the staInches. When using Express Clean Mode, the carpet will dry in about 30 minutes. The clean up is done with a brush roll, a nozzle and a dirty tank. Electronic fingertip controls are included in high performance engineering.

Brand: Bissell

👤You can see that in my before/after picture. The picture speaks for itself and I don't need to leave a review. I am shocked. I have had a carpet cleaner before, and it only made a small stain. This is my favorite item in the house. This has answered my prayers because I have children, pets, and a husband. I have never gone without this. This is something I need in my life. Excellent quality and does what it says it does. I was surprised that the stain was gone. I will update my review with how great this is. This stain was difficult to clean. You can see that my carpet is grey again after it has been cleaned, even though the stain is gone. I highly recommend this product, I am very happy with it.

👤Excellent! A sweet 6 year old dog I recently adopted has been having a lot of accidents on my beige carpet. I researched a lot of carpet cleaners and am very happy I bought this one. It is easy to use and put together. I have a machine that is hard to clean because it stinks like dog pee, and it only works for a few uses. After using, this one was easy to clean. There were no leaks or good suction. ! Highly recommended.

👤The cleaning power of this carpet cleaner is very impressive and it's small size makes it ideal for people with small hands. The smaller design doesn't take up a lot of space to store. It has a telescopic handle that slides easily into the unit and reduces the storage footprint. There are two bright headlamps on the unit that help illuminate the area to be cleaned. The clean water tank is clearly marked making it easy to add the cleaning solution and water by just filling the tank. One can go from deep clean to express clean with just a press of the finger if the buttons are located on the handle. I found that the extra shot of cleaning solution button worked well on tougher stains with it's delivery of extra solution. The clean and dirty water tanks are made of durable plastic and are easy to remove, fill, and pop back in the unit. Tanks are left to air dry in the photo I posted. The components of the carpet cleaner seemed to be made of high quality materials. The roller brush is ideal for cleaning lint and dirt that can get intwined in the bristles during use, because it can be removed after use. A brush cleaning tool that fits into its own compartment in the storage tray was included. The tray gives the JetScrub. A upright cleaner is a place to dry and store the roller brush. Both tanks and the roller brush are easy to clean and dry, making your JetScrub ready for your next use. The unit was easy to operate and push. The carpet cleaner gave my carpet a thorough cleaning. It did a great job of getting the solution out of the areas I cleaned, unlike my carpets which were damp but not saturated, as has been the case with other brands of carpet cleaners in the past. The design, size, quality and performance of this upright cleaner is something I'm very pleased with. If storage space is an issue for you, I recommend this product. I hope the photos help you with your choice. Thank you.

5. BISSELL SpotClean Portable Cleaner 2458

BISSELL SpotClean Portable Cleaner 2458

Purchases from Bissell help save pets. Bissell supports the mission of the foundation to save homeless pets. Their portable spot and stain cleaner is the most powerful. It combines superior cleaning solution and scrubbing action to remove pet stains. It leaves you with professional-style results. The power of OXY will permanently remove tough pet stains. A stain trapper tool is included. Also comes with a stain tool and two urine eliminator formulas.

Brand: Bissell

👤I have 3 carpet cleaning machines that I use for different types of jobs, like semi-annual whole house cleaning and smaller jobs, like smaller than your hand. The larger machine will do a better job, it also costs more, and the middle machine is not as good for messes that don't require that big machine. It does an acceptable job, but it takes longer to dry. The last one is a mixed bag, for small stains, just fill it up, sit it down and press the button, it does wonderfully, but for anything that would require you to actuallu use the attached hose it is woefully inadequate. The middle machine here is less than 15 lbs fully loaded with water and solution, the hose is long enough to store it, and for once Bissell fixed it where the hose stays in place. The brush works on the power of your arm, which is the same as the vacuum power, it pulls less water out, and the drying time is longer. I used it on a set of 10 stairs with 2 small landings and was exhausted by the time I was done. The big machine takes about 30 minutes to clean up after the job, the small machine takes about the same amount of time. The machine took about 5 minutes to dry on the deck, and then it was time to leave. I did not test this machine but I can see that it has a separate head that you can use to clean up smelly messes that you don't want to suck down into the bowels of your machine. It is a 3 Star machine but for apartment dwellers and people with limited budgets, it can be a lifesaver.

👤This is a really nice small appliance. I have a dog with medical problems and they have issues with the carpet. Since we are remodeling, I'm not too concerned with the carpet being hurt, but flooring is down on the list of tasks for 12 to 24 months. I don't have professional crews in every 3 weeks so I bought this to keep my sanity. I was impressed with the cleaning ability of it and the cleaning solution that comes in the package. Having owned brands such as kirby, rug doctor, and Hoover. The small unit was the best one to clean. I used the solution half or less than the recommended ratio to avoid the hard carpet and spots from soap being left in the carpet. It is easy to clean after use. There would be leaking problems if the dirty water compartment was not tight. Unless you want to use them for target practice or basket ball, the plastic is sturdy. I have avoided Bissel products due to bad reviews but I am happy with the unit so far. It was nice for the price.

👤I use this all the time and I love it. I wouldn't buy the pet version again because the attachment for pet messes is not needed. The standard vacuum head on my daughter's is larger than the one on the pet model.

6. Bissell ProHeat Revolution Full Size 1986

Bissell ProHeat Revolution Full Size 1986

Purchases save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. The most powerful carpet cleaning system for the toughest pet stains and odors. The MAX Clean Mode is on. Professional grade cleaning is delivered by packing in 12 rows of dual DirtLifter PowerBrushes. The mode is called Express Clean. It takes about 30 minutes to dry carpets. Attack the toughest stains. The CleanShot pretreater can deliver a concentrated stream of cleaning solution. The design is lightweight and has a low profile. It's easy to use and maneuver around furniture. There is a bonus tough stain tool and a pet upholstery tool. Pet hair, stains and odors are removed.

Brand: Bissell

👤We were a little hesitant in purchasing this machine at first. I always look at the lower reviews to see if the machine is good or bad, and a few people mentioned the machine leaking or easy to break. I bought this steam cleaner because I watched videos on the internet and it inspired me to do so. We love this steam cleaner and I just finished using it to clean our carpets, we had to find a cleaning machine to help out because our dog is having accidents on the carpet. We wanted a home unit that was easy to clean and worked so we could get a pro out more often. This is it! The recommended soap is very hot water and works great. Other people have mentioned that the carpet is clean and soft. It is easy to clean up. I waited for 2 months to submit my comments to make sure everything was going well. If you need a home machine, look at this one.

👤Let me learn quickly. This thing was sculpted by the gods in Olympus. I would rate it a 87 out of 10. Let me tell you why. Our dogs have magnets on their feet that attract dirt. I didn't know there was so much dirt on the party. My dogs found it. We bought this because our carpet was so dirty from all the accidents under the sun. I told Sammy it looked like 1 strip of brand new carpet after we set it up. If I could find out the inventor of this amazing thing, I'd ask them to marry me. The stars were given.

👤I bought it in May. March 2020. Customer service was contacted. The transcript is below. The motor of my carpet cleaner started smoking after I bought it in 1986. Thank you for contacting us. Let me help you with your concern. I'm sorry to hear that your machine has no power. I know how hard it is to not be able to use your machine. Provide the model and serial number of your machine. Thank you! The model is 1986 Please have the serial number. Where do I find that? You can see the serial number on the white sticker on the machine. Thank you! I'm checking to see if we're still connected. Yes, great! Did you find the serial number of the machine? The serial number is the long series of number that ends with letters. The serial number of the machine is the model/modele word. Can you send a picture of the white sticker? I will get the information. Thank you! I haven't heard from you in a while, so please send us a message if you have any other questions. Thank you for contacting him! Let me help you with your concern. The image is attached. The previous agent asked for the serial number after your last conversation. We appreciate the photo you sent us. You did a great job taking the picture. Allow me to check the details for you. The machine has lost its power and started to smoke. I apologize. I'd be happy to help. If you still have the machine's receipt, may I know? Yes, the PDF file is great. I need to verify a few questions about the incident. Is it possible to tell the color of the smoke that came out if it's black, grayish or white? I shut the motor off and it made some noises as it powered down. How about the smell? Did you notice an electrical smell? Thank you electrical! As I create a report, hang on. How about the picture of the receipt? I want to check if we are still connected. We would like to verify the warranty using the receipt. You can refer to this instruction to find the cause of the suction issues. Attachment great! I would like to make sure there are no more questions added to the report. Did you check if the belts are intact? Yes, they are fine, thanks! Did you clean and remove all the filters? And if the brush continues to spin? I clean it after every use, but I haven't heard anything from you in a few minutes. It has a limited 5 year warranty, but how long is this process going to take? Can you verify if the float moves freely or if you can move it up and down while the water tank is empty? I clean it after every use, but can you tell me if it feels good to put your hand over the red motor duct screen while the machine is on? Can you rate it from 1 to 5, and from 1 to 5, and from 1 to 5? This is a problem with the motor. There was metal on the grinding surface. 1 We appreciate your patience. The machine needs to be retrieved for inspection. I will post this on Amazon. The amount of time this is taking, the number of times I have to prove my purchase is offensive. Is it a replacement? If you feel that way, I apologize. I hope you understand that it's not intended to insult but the questions are for validation so we can determine the exact issue and proper resolution. We don't just guess for a resolution right away because the motor is going out. It needs to be documented and verified. We really appreciate you taking the time to provide the information they need. Since we don't have a white label to give, I have saved the data of your official receipt. Wait for the return label to be sent to your email before you start. If you can, check your junk mails and have the label printed. FedEx will pick up the machine from your place if you use the return label, as the machine has to be inspected. It can take up to 10 days for an inspection to be completed. The motor is loud and has a smell. Is it possible that you have access to print the label through your email? It will be about 30 days before the item is replaced. It's the worst warranty for something that isn't even a year old. They have to update you if they don't follow the standard inspection time of up to 10 business days. You asked me to screen shot the receipt, then uploaded it. I can print from my email. Please include the receipt with the return label to make it easy to find the details. Do you need to verify your email address and shipping address? Are you going to return the box? No one will accept it with a label on it. I apologize that we don't provide a box to be used but any box will do. You will receive email instructions regarding the process. Is my address on the invoice? You confirmed that the address is the same. Would you still like a supervisor to call you back? Yes. Please allow 1-2 business days for a callback, I'll forward this to a supervisor. You can check this link for your reference regarding a service center.

7. Bissell SpotClean Pet Formula

Bissell SpotClean Pet Formula

The stick vacuum comes with 4 handy attachment, which is suitable for use on different floors like hardwood floors, tiles, low-pile carpets, etc. They will provide lifetime after-sales service if there is a problem with the vacuum. The tank has a capacity of 37 ounces. The stain tool is 3 inches long and hard to reach. Dirt and stains are removed from the bottom up with a deep reach tool. The purchase of abissELL helps save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. Pet stains and messes are removed. Difficult pet odors are eliminated.

Brand: Bissell

👤This works well. This is a necessity for someone with four dogs. It is easy to use. I figured out why bubbles came out of the machine when I saw a lot of people talking about it. When I called customer support, they explained that the dirty water tank for line is lower than the clean tank in larger areas. The dirty side of the water needs to be emptied early even though you are not out of water on the clean side. If not, it is designed to prevent dirty water from leaking out into the machine and sometimes the water leaks out and causes bubbles. As you work, be sure to check your dirty tank maximum fill line. It needs to be changed a lot.

👤The machine is very good. A puppy has had accidents. It works great. I bought some Resolve for pet stains and pre-treating them. She got sick and it cleaned up her vomit. I have cleaned up my kids spills as well. Highly recommended.

👤It's cleans pretty good. Two animals love to be on the sofa. The cleaner is good at removing dirt.

👤This has been very useful on our furniture and rugs.

👤It is very easy to use and powerful.

8. Bissell Commercial BGSS1481 Cleaning Concentrated

Bissell Commercial BGSS1481 Cleaning Concentrated

The cleaner has over-voltage/over-current/over-heat protection. Measures are taken to take care of your safety. This vacuum is suitable for both car and home use. Product 1: Powerful and portable commercial spot cleaner. Reaches hard to reach places that other people can't. Product 1: Large tank capacity, long 20' power cord, reaches everywhere and lasts for your whole cleaning job without refilling water tank The little green Pro commercial spot cleaner uses vacuums, brushing and cleaning solution to remove and lift dirt and stains. There is a one year manufacturer commercial warranty. The model number is BGSS1481. Product 2. The purchase of abissELL helps save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. Product 2 is their most powerful formula for dirt and stains. Product 2 removes odors. Product 2 is safe on carpets and rugs.

Brand: Bissell

👤I bought this because I thought it would be better if it was a commercial version. It doesn't work well on upholstery or automotive. I tried using it on my wife's car and it wouldn't suck out all of the water leaving the carpets and seats wet. I thought maybe it was a mistake. I tried it on our couch and it didn't suck out most of the water. I borrowed a spot pro from a friend and it was great. It worked better and had a lot more strength. I did not test it on house carpet, but I intended to use it for auto and furniture restoration, so I can't use it. I ordered a Spot Pro after I sent it back, and it works great for what I need it to do.

👤The machine is likely to work well on carpet. It is not ideal on upholstery. I believe this is a carpet spot cleaner and also an upholstery cleaner after watching the video from Bissell. The small, flat spot on our loveseat did not seem to be pulled from by the strongest of the suctions. Even though it pulled a small amount of water, it left it very damp. Again, very good on small, flat spots of carpet but not on curved or edge surfaces of furniture where the tool head cannot make constant contact with the surface. The sofa and loveseat would be very damp for extended periods, not something I was expecting from a machine with the strongest suction. Yes, there is some damp.

👤I have a dining room set that has microfiber fabric, and I used a little gizmo on it the day before, it was amazing. I used other products to remove stains from the fabric but they always left streaky lines and I never got the stains up, so I used this Bissel Green Pro to remove the stains. It was almost like new. It took me two tries to get all of this gunk up. I am impressed by how clean this came out. The rest of the benches have to be done now.

👤Not good. Poor design. I am not sure what Bissell designers were thinking, but if the spring that closes the valve in the bottom of the solution tank is wrong, the tank will drain itself on the floor. Bissel suggests that the consumer take it to a repair shop. I just opened the box and tried to use it, but you want me to bring it in for service? No! It is a shame that the Little Green Machine is not worth the money.

👤I bought this because my dog piddled on my new couch. It was brand new and fresh out the box. After reading a lot about other upholstery machines, I decided that it was the best price for it. I didn't think I'd get this much dirt, but god knows what's on my couch. I would like the attachment to be more durable and not as sharp of edges, and I would also like a little more power so I don't have to go over wet spots multiple times. I will be trying this on my mattress. Awesome product!

9. Bissell Tool Carpet Upholstery Cleaners

Bissell Tool Carpet Upholstery Cleaners

The package includes a replacement 10Volt charge for the Bissell Pet Eraser Stain. Purchases save pets. The mission of the BISSELL Pet Foundation is to help save homeless pets. It is possible to clean versatilely. Works with all of the upright and portable deep cleaning machines. Pet hair, stains and odors can be removed. Attach the Pet Upholstery tool to the machine's hose to get rid of pet messes. There are two cleaning modes. The 800-273-3217 Pets are clean wherever they go. Use on pet beds.

Brand: Bissell

10. BISSELL Eraser Lithium Handheld Cordless

BISSELL Eraser Lithium Handheld Cordless

Buy Bissell, save pets, and Bissell will donate 5 dollars for each hair cut. The purchase of Li Ion will be activated. A motorized brush tool and a battery can be used to remove dirt and pet hair. The Dirt cup has a capacity of 0.7 liters. The dirt bin is easy to empty to get rid of pet hair. Cleaning performance can be improved by triple level filters. A set of specialized pet tools.

Brand: Bissell

👤It works well... You can't buy just the paper replacement filter. The whole assembly has a paper replacement filter inside. You have to throw away a perfectly functioning plastic assembly, and buy a new one from the website of Bissell for $11.98, but don't forget to add shipping costs. This seems to be wasteful as the only thing that could be sold was the filter. It's like buying a new car every time you need to change the air filter.

👤It was time to replace the dead B&D bustduster that has sat in our utility closet for years. I remember when it was new. The excitement of cleaning hair and dirt filled the air as it happily went along. The battery died. I hated that thing because it was so short. Brand new! The NmHD battery was small and lost its charge capability after a while, but never came back. I was hesitant to get a new hand vacuum because my wife has grown old and she has silver hair. She sheds more than a polar bear. Are you going to sit on the couch? There is silver hair everywhere. Do you mean to vacuum the floor with a big vacuum? It takes about 4 days to fill with hair. I once emptied the vacuum and watched the crows pick out the giant ball of silver hair and fly off with it. The crows are smart. So anyways. It is time for a handheld vacuum. Which is the best? Which one will stay on for 5 minutes? I did a lot of research. This one seemed risky because of the other reviews on big store websites. Hmm. I took a chance. It was completely sucked! Which is a good thing for this review. Made of sturdy materials. Will last longer than my midlife crisis. It is easy to get to the waste gate. Cleaning the housing is simple and easy. I did not say it was lightweight. That is because it is. It is not heavy enough to fatigue your hand/arm. The battery life does not suck. That is also a positive thing. I ran it for about 8 minutes and heard the motor change tune. I know the count is on. After 22 minutes of hard power-suck with the motorized brush attachment, it stopped and the button turned red. Nice clap. Quiet! I think my old age is starting to show because I get upset when there are loud noises near me. The noises are like vacuums. Immediate irritation! Not with this device. It is not silent. It is not a problem to use it for 10 minutes at a time. The cleaning power is impressive. I did not measure it. I think it is moving a lot of air which means it is effective cleaning. The exhaust is subtle and impressive. The smart design of the exhaust vent means that it doesn't disrupt the mess you are about to clean. When your vacuum blows WifeHair(tm) all over the place, it's worse than making an approach to clean a pile of WifeHair. I still don't know where it ends up. MEH has no attachment support. Thanks. I think I'll put them on this. She did not crash. They don't stack or lay flat because they are oddly shaped. Put them in a bag that doesn't come with the device or use up 523 square inches to store them on a shelf. I measured. It is frightening. The hardware is great but they don't think about how it will be stored in the home. There was no base, hanging hooks, or plastic tube housings for the accessories. You get the vacuum, charge cable and accessories. It was loose. I took away a star because of this. They went so far on the design and cleaning elements that they dropped the ball on how it is stored. Nobody is going to leave this out with these accessories. People vacuum. How do you hide a wedged shape thing that needs to stay plugged in with 5 loose plastic accessories that you just know you are going to lose because you have no way to store them? Expectations for features are high because this is not a cheap model. Performance is there for the money, but this is unforgivable. I used parts from the garage to make my own storage system. I had nothing else on my plate. The power cord and interface are two things that are not good. If you make electronic devices and you think it is a good idea to develop a proprietary connector because it will make you money in the future, stop it! I would not have purchased this if I had known it had a weird power connection. It is a sign of greed when companies purposely build an interface that is unique with the express purpose of sending customers who lost their power supply to make an additional profit. It is not enough to make a decent product with a decent profit margin. Someone thought they could make more money than the entire line of products they sell. I am out. That is immoral and reprehensible as it is a predatory move against your own customers that pay you, your salaries and your entire business. It's a shame! I am taking another star off as I find it hard to read. Someone needs to stop this. Customers will lose their chargers and I will smell a rat if they refuse to pay theproprietary tax, so perfectly good units will make their way to landfills. They toss the product into the garbage and get another that doesn't have a proprietary connection. Stop it now. The power button doesn't have an light. Since you make your own power cable, why be nice if you add tiny lights that illuminate the nose? Attachments can be difficult to remove. Extra wiggle is needed to get them off, but they won't fall off when using the product. It is difficult if you have arthritis or other hand/wrist pains. It might be a good idea to lightly lubricate the accessory. I live in a three story house. Imagine that hair everywhere. The lack of storage and the proprietary power cable prevent me from buying another one. It is a fantastic unit that hits all the marks. I think there is turmoil between the engineers and executives over the proprietary power interface. I know a lot of greedy executives, but I don't know many greedy engineers. It would have been a solid 5 star with thought to storage and use of the COMMON DC 3.5mm barrel charge interface. You can use 3.5mm with the amperes. It's time to knock it off.

11. Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush Handheld 1716B

Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush Handheld 1716B

Spot Lifter, power brush, corded hand held extractor, 18' power cord for continuous cleaning, motorized dual brush roll for double cleaning action Extra shine to your product. The cleaning width is 3 inches. A rotating brush helps loosen dirt and stains. The power cord is 18 inches. A dirty tank capacit. There are stains and spots on the carpet. The brush roll is motorized.

Brand: Bissell

👤I think this is the best spot cleaner on the market and I have tried almost all of them. I bought this unit because it was the best one. I use it in my travel trailer which does not have a large carpet area. I have a full sized upright cleaner, but this one is easier to use for the smaller areas. The ability to completely clean this machine, right down to the brushes which are removed, is what I really like about this Spotlifter. Most cleaners don't have that feature and it's important to me. I prefer the brushes on this unit over the ones on the previous models. This is not a full sized carpet cleaner and is meant for spills, spot cleaning, cleaning furniture, or cleaning up stains and puppy messes. You will be happy with this purchase if you use it for what you want. If you want to clean large carpets, you should buy an upright model. I am very pleased with my purchase and recommend it to others.

👤I bought a couch offline and it was dirty. It was a huge sectional. I decided to restore it. I used the deep cleaner on the couch and it did its job. I got 3 pans of chocolate milk from that couch. This thing is amazing.

👤I am very happy I bought this product. My cat leaves messes on my carpet. I haven't been happy with the cleaning processes I've tried. There were stains on my carpet and a funky odor in the air. I decided that upright carpet cleaners were too big for my small space. I almost didn't buy it when I saw this little guy. I was swayed by the review that spoke about how to make the process work effectively. I love this product. It is easy to put together, but taking the reservoirs off is a challenge. You need to tip the Spotlifter to get the best suction. You can adjust the angle when the liquid goes into the bottom reservoir. I hold the machine close to the stain and make sure the cleanser goes on the stain not the surrounding area because I have never had an issue with over spray. Why wouldn't you? The brushes are very effective in removing stains from the carpet. When I first used it, it was tiring on my muscles as there were many spots to treat. The Spotlifter doesn't have the ability to clean large particles like a vacuum so be sure to remove them before using. The machine has a cleanser in it. It has a nice scent. A very good purchase for me. It is small and efficient.

👤The seats were washed because the previous owners were smokers. I washed the seats and rugs 2 months ago. The item is small and works well with an extension cord, so it took me about two hours. I wouldn't have gotten much cleaned if I had the battery powered one. Go with the power cord.


What is the best product for portable upholstery cleaner bissell?

Portable upholstery cleaner bissell products from Bissell. In this article about portable upholstery cleaner bissell you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable upholstery cleaner bissell.

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