Best Portable Washer and Dryer Combo for Apartments with Heat

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1. Garatic Portable Capacity Apartments Delicates

Garatic Portable Capacity Apartments Delicates

Delay Start and Reloading feature could save you a lot of time. Throw your laundry in and set a time when you want it to start so you don't have to wash them all over again. No need to restart the machine if something is lost. You can have your laundry added before the main washing cycle finishes if you press the "Start/Pause" button for 3 seconds. The Twin Tub design can save you time by washing and spinning dry loads at the same time. You can run both sides of the laundry to finish it or move the clothes directly from the washer to the spinner. The portable washer machine has a 1300rpm powerful motor with a max Frequency of 60Hz, and a water efficient design. The Spin Cycle is 5 lbs. The translucent tub container window will clean your clothes. The washer control timer can run for up to 15 minutes while the spin cycle timer can run for up to 5 minutes each load. You can choose any time to wash. It's easy to move and transport to anywhere, lightweight and space-saving design allows it to fit in a bathroom or closet, ideal for camping trips, dormitories, or anywhere with limited space. It's the simplest yet most effective way to start. Put the clothes in, fill with water, hit start button, and sip your coffee. Enjoy the scent of laundry detergent. Wait... I mentioned that their washer will produce less twisting of the clothing, and also better cleaning and washing effect, because of the large wave pulsates and new water flow. The drainage tube allows you to easily drain out dirty water. This machine will never be rust eaten because of the plastic body. Quiet, neat and clean. A small size can save a lot of energy. If you have a product issue, feel free to contact the seller, they will help you solve it. This machine will never be rust eaten because of the plastic body. Quiet, neat and clean. A small size can save a lot of energy. If you have a product issue, feel free to contact the seller, they will help you solve it.

Brand: Garatic

👤One of the best purchases I have made. The price and the product images make it impossible to gauge the quality of the product, so I didn't have high expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. It can hold more volume than it looks like, and it is easy to tuck away. The wash tub is very deep. I can fit 2 outfits and some small things in one load. It is powerful for how small it is, which I was not expecting. The product description could use a bit of clarity, for example, that the right tub isn't a dryer, it's a spin cycle. After moving the items to the right tub and running the spin cycle, it gets 75% dry. The quality is very high and the price is very low. The instruction manual was poorly translated and the image figures are hard to understand. You can hang the drain hose on the hook if you don't want to drain it. I spent too much time figuring out that I needed to do almost nothing in those manual images.

👤This was used for doing small loads with masks and delicates. I plugged the manual into my kitchen sink and let the faucet fill it and then drain it into the sink. I cleaned my kids white shirt, which was caked in mud, and 2 pair of muddy khaki pants. There was a lot of room for more. They were cleaned with hot water and detergent, and it looked like no mud had touched them. It's so easy to use in my tub when it's cold and rainy because you can figure out how much soap to use. The spinner is great because it spins all the water off so it doesn't take long to dry. I don't have to use softener because my clothes dry soft if they dry stiff. Since I've had it, I've done about 25 loads of laundry. My 9yr old loves being able to load it, put the soap in and then move to the spinner and he uses it for his clothes as well. I have had the washer/spinner for a month and my water, electric and gas bills have gone down. My 9yr old loves it.

👤The machine died halfway through its first load. Started out well. It stopped washing after vibrating all around the floor. You can still hear it clicking, but it doesn't move. You can't use it straight out of the box if you take a chance on it. The fill tube is only as big as your pinky and two foot long, and it doesn't fit the average American faucet. The power cord isn't very old. Unless you have water, power and a drain within a foot of each other you're going to need to supplement parts.

👤Just started using this machine and have only used it twice so far. So far, so good! The washer and spinner dryer are very effective. You need a dry rack or someplace to hang your clothes if it doesn't completely dry them. It does a good job of getting rid of most of the water in your clothes. I'm glad I took a chance on this washing machine. The $40 I paid for was worth it. The item's price sky rocketed after I got it. Depending on how much this will cost by the time you read it. There are two more I wash small loads. With the Covid19 outbreak going on, you don't want to go to the laundry matt, it's a life saver. I split my laundry up and use it twice a week. I used this machine for the first time on Sunday and then again today after I got home from work. There are 3 more It does make a noice, but it is surprisingly quiet. The washing machine in the laundry matt is more quiet. There are four Clothes come out clean. There is a soft wash selector for delicate fabrics. I don't need to hand wash anymore. Woohoo! The portable weighs about 20 lbs. Not bad. I don't have a problem moving this from my room to the bathroom where I do laundry. I live in a small apartment and don't have a lot of free space, so I was a bit larger than I was looking for. The washer and spinner should have been combined. The hose that came to the washer didn't fit in my faucets. I have to fill in a bucket 6 times. There are 3 more Before using, read the manual. Very important. There is a small learning curve to use this machine. When you add water and detergent, choose between Normal or Soft, then the time you want it to wash. Once you drain, transfer the clothes to the spinner, add water and set the timer again, you need to transfer it back to the washer side. Put the spinner back in the drain. The washing machine should be on the elevated surface near the sink or bathtub. He could be messy with the drainage. The elevation helps with drainage. So far. I'm giving it 5 stars. Coz is very impressed with this washing machine. Will update my review in 6 months. I hope this machine lasts a long time.

2. Portable Washing Machine Waterproof Full Automatic

Portable Washing Machine Waterproof Full Automatic

Plug-in Wonder Washer is simple to use, it can be filled with laundry, add soap, water and close lid. Follow the instructions in the manual carefully and set timer up to 15 minutes. The dimensions are 22"22"35"inches and can be used for a top load washer or dryer. It's suitable for occasions: bathroom, kitchen,balcony light,patio,eaves,awning. waterproof fabric has upgraded version of high-grade fabrics, protective thickening of silver coated polyester fabric, waterproof sunscreen aging resistance, avoid discoloration,paint off,aging and rust on the washer,exposure for more than 5 years no problem. The upper cover does not blow away in a moment and protects a better washing machine, and even a typhoon is all right, because of the design of the upper cover. It is easy to mount and has a long service life. The design of the water inlet is made-to-order and has anti-aging power. Water can be supplied without the washing machine cover. The size of the water inlet can be adjusted easily. The 3-pack design is good for heat dissipation because the washing machine motor is on the back. The cover blocks rain and prevents the machine from getting wet, but it may be able to get in if the rain is heavy. Please be aware of this point. The 3-pack design is good for heat dissipation because the washing machine motor is on the back. The cover blocks rain and prevents the machine from getting wet, but it may be able to get in if the rain is heavy. Please be aware of this point.


👤This is for my portable washer. It fits well, but it isn't worth the money. It is cheap. The whole back is exposed because they have strings that you have to tie together. The cover is cheap and the one on the top broke the first time I opened it. It is very thin. I would look elsewhere if I had to purchase again.

👤I wanted to make sure that my washing machine was the right size. I like it because it fits perfectly.

👤It was convenient to cover my portable washer, but I should have ordered one earlier.

👤I was looking for a cover for my portable washing machine and they're either big or Even bigger, and this one seemed to be the perfect fit. It works well.

👤I like the design and the fact that it's water resistant is a plus.

👤Wow! I am very impressed with this product. The test wash was impecable and the instructions were easy to follow. No water leaks, noise level is not detected and drainage is not bad. The quality of wash, spin dry and water-energy efficiency are beyond expectations. Great product.

👤This works well with my portable washer.

👤I nailed it! The size of my machine was perfect.

👤Me encant. Cuenta con un cierre. No tener, no deseo, no deseo, no deseo, no deseo, no deseo, no deseo, no deseo, no deseo, no deseo, no deseo, no deseo, no deseo, no deseo, no de Es fcil de limpiar, es repelente al agua. Un modelo pequeo. Is there a way to say excelente calidad? Mi compra. Gracias.

👤Materiales de sencillos, holancitos, and other things are feminine.

👤La Medida a la lavadora. The calidad was bicentenary. Mientras no deje pasar la humedad, pero el material es algo delgado.

👤Se ajusta perfectamente a las medidas. Es verdad is un poco ms cara.

👤Meravsa copertura! Alla lavatrice, materiale resistente. It was a eccellente.

3. VIVOHOME Washing Machine Capacity Built

VIVOHOME Washing Machine Capacity Built

The US standard power plug is included. The washing machine can hold up to 26 lbs. and can wash and spin dry clothes at the same time. The laundry needs of a whole family can be met with 18 lbs. of clothes in the washer tub and 8 lbs. in the dryer tub. There are three working modifications with the smart timer. The washing machine has 3 working modes, soft wash, standard wash, and spin dry, with a timer and a spin timer for you to adjust, it will allow you to do your own business. The mini washing machine is made of high-quality materials and is rust-proof, and the 2.5mm tub of double layers is durable. A strong and sane motor. It can clean about 10 shirts or 7 adult pants at a time, effectively solving the problem of washing thick and heavy coats, and it has a noise under 60 decibels. Humanized design. The transparent lid allows you to check the condition of your clothes at any time, it comes with 2 handles on both sides, and it is easy to open. Humanized design. The transparent lid allows you to check the condition of your clothes at any time, it comes with 2 handles on both sides, and it is easy to open.

Brand: Vivohome

👤This machine works very well, it's my dream. I use a bucket because I am a small woman and don't want the water to get all over the floor, but overall I love it because I don't have to go to the laundromat and the water won't get all over the floor.

👤The spin dry is not working after three loads.

👤The pump to drain the water out is useless, you have to put it on the floor, and get water all over the floor, and it's not worth the money.

👤I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with kids. I didn't have the power to get my kids clothes and my husband's clothes clean. It fit in my bathroom without taking up too much space. Being on the second floor can be loud.

👤It's hard to find an aerator that fits the machine and sink. One of the few that doesn't come with one.

👤There was water on the floor. The sink doesn't fit the inlet. There are missing parts.

4. Black Decker BPWM09W Portable Washer

Black Decker BPWM09W Portable Washer

Unbalance could be a serious problem for washing machines. It could cause the washing machine to dance on the floor, or even worse, cause it to leak everywhere. It's able to automatically fix the unbalance issue through allowing more water to come in. If the problem can't be fixed, it will alert the user, ensuring a safe and pleasant experience. Also, note: Refer to the PDF attached for the Installation and Troubleshooting steps. The clothes washer is small but powerful and ideal for camping trips, RV's, apartments, boats or dorms. It's easy to store or move in small spaces. The large capacity design is CONVENIENT. A tub that washes up. To 6,6 lbs. The portable washer machine has an easy to use display panel and a clear top window. Meet all your laundry needs with Heavy, Gentle, Normal, Rapid and Soak cycles. The wash, rinse, and spin cycles can be controlled with a push of a button. You can adjust the water level based on load size. The energy efficient operation. The washing machine is only used with cold water. It has a built in lint-filter that doesn't need to be replaced, so just clean it once a month. It is only designed for high efficiency detergents. The door material is glass. Automatic deportation. If the laundry inside the tub is not distributed equally, this washer has an automatic unbalance detection mechanism that will correct the imbalance in the tub automatically. Automatic deportation. If the laundry inside the tub is not distributed equally, this washer has an automatic unbalance detection mechanism that will correct the imbalance in the tub automatically.

Brand: Black+decker

👤If it is broken, I need to figure out what is wrong for one hour. Why is it not working? I was very happy after several hours. They don't tell you this because you think the machine is broken after following the directions. The gray drain hose should not be laying low on the ground like hanging on the bathtub or on the shower floor. You have to hang it on the sink. When you try to fill the machine with water, it will not fill, and it will drain out the gray tube. I stood and watched it go in and out. 2. You can't select the wash button, rinse button or spin button when you select normal wash. It is already preset. When you select Heavy wash, those buttons don't work. I thought my machine was broken when I tried pressing them. 3. The door needs to be closed. Press the pause button if you have to open it. Then close and press play. The water starts to move for 3 minutes. Then it stops for 2 minutes, then it stops for 3 minutes, and then it stops again. It is not broken so be patient. This thing is dry. Nothing came out wet. 41 minutes of normal cycle. The clothes fit me. I was able to fit 5 dickies scrub pants. Second load 3 scrub tops, 5 pairs of tube socks, cooking apron and 3 panties. Third load includes 1 men's sweat pants, 1 button down shirt, cooking apron, and 3 kitchen towels.

👤Styrofoam ends up in the motor bay of the machine, but there is nothing bad about it. I decided to make sure there was no loose parts after unpacking the machine. There are white Styrofoam pieces inside. I had to remove large pieces by hand and then just dusted the smaller particles. Attach the bottom cover back to the cold water line. I bought a 90 elbow because of the stress on the hose coming from under the sink to the top water intake on the Black and Decker washer. Zero leaks using the elbow. I was shocked to learn that the machine is extra quiet. It is almost completely absent. The washer's bay has detergents added to it. Clothes came out smelling fresh, no weird mechanical odor, and being squeezed out of most of the water, and I'm impressed with the spin cycle. Completely satisfied with the purchase. My parents stopped by for a visit and are waiting for their old portable washer to die so they can buy this beast. I'm going to get a second one for my house. After about 2 weeks of doing 3 loads of laundry a day, it still doesn't leak and we love it. I ordered a longer washer hose (8ft) to have the washer permanently connected to a cold water outlet and also to be able to slide it on our kitchen floor, just in case it leaks. We have room under the counter top, so we just slide the machine in and out. It fits under the counter top alcove when we don't use it. It was Jinxed on 7/12/18. There was a small puddle in the tray around the left leg of the washer. The back panel was emptied out, and there were droplets of water on the outside of the white center drum. After drying everything out, ran another wash on a gentle load. And watched. When the washer starts to fill in for the second time, there was a leak from the top. There is a video showing where the clear hose goes into the washer. I want to see how Amazon handles the warranty. Replacement is on the way. Excellent customer service. The replacement arrived. Took the new machine out of the box and put it in the old one. I'm not going to lie, but I'm a bit disappointed. No problem, did a test wash on Rapid. There was a little puddle by the front left leg of the washer and behind the black drain plug after a gentle run. It's late now. I'll do another wash tomorrow to make sure the leak isn't coming from the wrong place. The leak is the same spot as the previous BnD washer. Is this a manufacturing defect or is it the other way around? Share your experiences. If the same bull happens, I'll do another exchange and I have an idea how to fix the leak in the washer's drum. I like the machine for its effectiveness. Will keep you posted. I got a second machine. A test wash was run on rapid, but forgot to switch to a lower wash load, so it was run at Load 3. The water started to fill in and splashed all over the place, even getting on the bottom of the opening lid. It's not certain if it leaked or not. Have to wait for it to dry. I have to subtract one more star from the 5 star review I want to leave. The second replacement is leaking. I think the first machine that I've had for over a month was leaking, I didn't have a tray underneath the washer, so I couldn't see the leak. I will not return the item because it is still an amazing machine and I still love it. This leak comes from the top. I am using a pistol grip and a small food tray to catch droplets of water, but in no way should a new item be modified right from the start. There is a machine that is stopping leaving. I'm not complaining because I'm adding 1 more star. A roller coaster. I have loaded a heavy (with sweat) gi size A3 with pants and a jacket, and it fit!

5. Magic Chef MCSTCW09W1 Compact Washer

Magic Chef MCSTCW09W1 Compact Washer

The mounting hardware is not included. 5 wash cycles, 3 water levels and electronic controls. There is a see-thru glass lid. Unbalance detection and shutoff are done by auto. Unbalance detection and shutoff are done by auto.

Brand: Magic Chef

👤The actual size of the washer is 16 x 17 x 31 and it's perfect for a small apartment. The dimensions in the Amazon product description are incorrect, but I did some research and decided to buy this model. I am happy with my purchase so far. It's easy to use and quiet.

👤I don't know who gave less than 5 stars. This is the best washer ever. I think it's even better than my regular machine. You can control the water temperature by hooking it up to your faucet. I washed my bath towels 3 times, cloth diapers 30 times, and a white load of 7 adult t-shirts, socks, and underwear. No more going to the laundromat. The washer will pay off in a month. I will have to wash every other day. You can only hear the pump pumping water during the spin, not much noise. I can't hear it when I close my bathroom door. Guys, you will not regret! This is a small magic washer.

👤There is an update on April 25th. Everything is still working great after a 3 month update. A small leak between the fill valve and the outlet into the wash tub caused a small amount of water to trickle into the tub. Having a 1 year warranty and being handy, I was able to remove the top of the washer and find the tube between the solenoid and the water outlet wasn't sealed properly. A quick cleaning of the original glue and some contact cement worked well and no more leaking. The washer has worked perfectly. Very happy and recommend this unit. I get 5 stars from you. I bought this washer after living in my studio apartment for 5 years and only having a single shared washer and dryer for 12 other units. I used to have to wait until later in the evening to get access to the wash room because a tenant who did several loads of laundry a day would sometimes leave her wash unattended overnight. I had no idea washers of this size existed until I browsed here on Amazon. When I found this Magic Chef unit, I was considering a dual tub countertop machine because I had a small unused area next to my bathroom sink. The dimensions would fit where my space was with a little over an inch on both sides and a little over an inch from the rear. The small size is perfect for singles, but it might be too small for 2 people if you do a lot of work. The unit is very quiet. It's definitely not something that will alert neighbors or be less quiet than a microwave, but no one seemed to describe it. Although not recommended, I have my tub on a carpeted area and have not noticed any vibration except when I overload the tub. I'm not sure how much to fit, but about half of the tub seems to be ideal, which is a couple jeans or 6-7 t-shirts. Installation was easy, only requiring removing the aerator from my bathroom faucet, replacing it with a quick adapter, and attaching the single water line to the washer. I used a strip of velcro to attach the drain hose to the water line and then used it to aim the drain at the sink. If you need a quick way to secure the drain line without using the "U" shaped hook, you can use a zip tie. The small dryer was purchased by me.

6. Deflecto DEFUBGWL Universal Vents 1 Pack

Deflecto DEFUBGWL Universal Vents 1 Pack

You can easily install over a clothes dryer or bathroom exhaust vent. Birds and rodents can enter through the vents. The plastic construction provides the maximum exhaust flow. If lint or other debris is present, check periodically. The mounting hardware is not included.

Brand: Deflecto

👤I bought a guard to stop birds from building their nest in my vent on the 2nd floor. They were able to climb in to build their nest after lifting the plastic covers on the vent. The guard was the right size to fit over the vent. I screwed it into the plastic border. The guard is well designed and the vent is able to open as it should inside of the guard as there is plenty of space. I was a bit disappointed that the guard did not have screws to mount it in place. I had some screws that were the right size, but I think this should have been included. If you are going to install the guard, you will need some screws to mount it. The vent is white but there are some marks on it as it wasn't a real packaging of the guard. The guard is doing a great job, and it solved my problem with birds in the vent.

👤This didn't fit over my existing bathroom vent and was pushed out on the bottom. I ended up cutting a shim which was not as hard to return. The biggest complaint was that no screws were included. One would assume the screws were included in the picture. There is a line for "special features" under the description. Really! There are slots for securing the cover. The edge of the screws would barely make contact as I tightened them. It would have been nice to include 4 screws. A determined squirrel or mouse will get in without too much trouble if the product thickness is adequate. If I needed another cover for my laundry vent, I would look for another company.

👤This product doesn't provide an easy installation if you have an all-brick house. You will need to drill into the joints, install a plastic anchor for each hole, and then screw the cover into each hole. It's hard to line up with mortar joints when there is only one hole on each side of the vent cover. The installation was difficult and I regret buying it. It would have been helpful to have some extra holes, but not enough to rate it. The manufacturer should have supplied screws for the few extra pennies.

👤Small animals can find their way into the laundry vent. I chose this one because it was the only model that was large enough to sit over my existing vent. It was installed easily and works as expected. I have to remove the cover in order to clean the vent, but I am not sure how long this will last. That will cause some unneeded damage to my siding. At the time of purchase, I couldn't find a hinge and latch mechanism that would work for my particular vent situation.

👤I bought this cage as a replacement. I bought the previous one at Home Depot, but they don't sell them anymore, so I wanted the same one. My previous one broke due to the Florida sun and I had to use a mower for 8 years to fix it. I had to put anchors in the block wall to secure the original, but this one, I just took the old one off and put the new one on. A person would need to be handy in order to put anchor in situation. You can squeeze the plastic to get it under the anchor points on the unit top, bottom, and side, which are open. I won't break as easily because I won't have to open the holes for screws. I would recommend this product.

7. EasyGoProducts Hand Powered Clothes Washing

EasyGoProducts Hand Powered Clothes Washing

User friendly. The controls on the machine are user friendly. The little washing machine has a clear lid. The machine is great for energy and power saving. The portable strong design of the washing wand is so portable it can fit in an 8 X 8 X 8 Inches box and the plastic design is 100% waterproof and will not warp, bend, or splinter. It is easy to use and effective to fill two buckets with water and add laundry detergent. Pull up the washing wand on top of the clothes to wash them. The water is sucked through the clothes to clean them. A shovel type handle design is used in the ergonomics environmental design. It is easy to use by not having to bend over. The design of your washing machine is so strong and waterproof that it will last for many years. The washing machine uses 40 gallons per cycle compared to 10 gallons. The washing machine uses 40 gallons per cycle compared to 10 gallons.

Brand: Easygoproducts

👤This is a gem that deserves a review. Everyone says it's solid. It's tall enough for me to stand and use my full arm, which results in good movement. Impressive design. I'm using a 13 gallon trash can and it's a match made in laundry-heaven. Enough water for a wash and a rinse, 6 pocket-tees, 5 pairs of socks, 3 sets of long johns, two large towels, one pair of jeans, and then enough to wash them all. It is easier to clean this way than it is to clean the tub. I have a full-size dryer, and all my clothing is simple cottons or blends, so after a wringing and some dripping, I'm home free. Put some tunes on and burn calories.

👤This thing works well. If you're wondering if it really works, it's fantastic. Here's proof that it's great. All the dirt was sucked out of the laundry by one load. Is it a shame that I have dirt on my clothes? xD

👤This was purchased in February of 2016 I only used it for washing clothes that couldn't be machine washed during the past eight months. The handle snapped in half when I used it with a single shirt to wash. Many of the other reviews seem to have the same problem, and the breakage is very similar. The photos show that air bubbles were trapped in the plastic during manufacturing and that weakened strength and the items eventual failure. The item worked well when it wasn't broken in half.

👤This tool is useful. I came up with a recipe that works for my clothes that are muddy from camping. I only used it with a 5 gal bucket, so it will cost you about 10 to 12 bucks. I don't know if this would work with less water and a shallow container. 1. If you can, use warm water. 2. It will take about 2 days of clothes, but only one pair of trousers. The bucket should be half full with the clothes loose. 3. Start with a rinse. Use the wand for 30 to 60 strokes. You will face resistance. You can push through it, or you can mash the clothes to the bottom. It is empty. 4. The bucket should be filled. If you want to not pour soap on clothes, add it to the water. Take a soak for 10 to 15 minutes. 5. 30 to 60 strokes is enough to wash the clothes. It is empty. 6. Clean rinse water is what you should fill with. You're done after another 30 to 60 strokes. Hang the clothes to dry. It's a bit of a workout. I think being short makes it harder. If you're a 5 footer like me, you'll get a burn when you do the full 60 strokes. It gets my clothes cleaner than any other method I've tried.

👤I'm amazed at the dirt it has taken out after using it for the first time. It's already working, but it's a little too well. I used a tub for larger loads and a bucket for small loads.

8. STV M Dryer Duct Connector Ziggurat

STV M Dryer Duct Connector Ziggurat

SPECIFICATIONS: If the machine is not leveled to avoid leaks, it will start dancing, so you need to remove the shipping rods before the unit is installed. ZIGGURAT is excited to say that they have enlarged the elbow and duct connection due to customer feedback. They made sure it fit all the vent ducting by adding 5 degrees of draft. The snap connector has been updated to make it easier to use. The connection is compatible with hoses that are semi-rigid and flexible. There is a dryer vent hookup. The ZIGGURAT snap-on dryer hose is a top-quality product. Their dryer connections don't need to be attached to a piece of furniture, they help create a better operating dryer, and they don't need to be tied to a piece of furniture. The products are the best choice for simplicity. This complete kit is easy to install. The STV-M snap-to-vent kit is designed to last for a long time. They have found a way to make a clothes dryer connection that will last for many years. ZIGGURAT's dryer hose connection kit is made to be easy to clean and made of high quality materials to prevent damage to the connection. The plastic dryer hose kit is made of soft rubber and will fit on the clothes dryer. The flexibility of this dryer accessory allows it to fit together and hug the wall when the appliance is pushed against it. The kit is 8 x 4 x 5 inches and is strong enough to hold your washer and dryer. The ZIGGURAT products were created by a father and son who cared about safety and value. Their safe alternatives were designed to improve household safety. Quality is important to sell their products. All of their products are made in the USA. They make household accessories that make life easier for their valued customers. The ZIGGURAT products were created by a father and son who cared about safety and value. Their safe alternatives were designed to improve household safety. Quality is important to sell their products. All of their products are made in the USA. They make household accessories that make life easier for their valued customers.

Brand: Ziggurat Products

👤I got this at the end of July 2020 and didn't install it until September 2020 but it has been in use for 1.5 months and is useless. The hose is very thin and the connection pieces didn't fit well. Don't steal your money.

👤I am good at home improvement projects. I have wrestled with dryer installation before. The marketing for this is very bad. You get the thing. There aren't any real directions. You go hunting online and find a video that shows you how to install a product for 2 seconds. squint replay. You can try a dozen configurations. A couple of hours. Return and put on a regular hose.

👤This sounded like a great idea. It fell off when the dryer ran. I thought the wind blew it off. It is difficult for me to get behind my dryer. I worked on it for a long time to make sure that the gasket was put on again. It fell off the back of the dryer before I started it. It was a poor fit and grip. I have to throw it away and start over with a better product. A loss of money that I can't afford. Very, very sad.

👤The instructional videos are just for the products and not much help with installation. The installation of the aluminum coil is easy, but there is a mention that the items need to be taken apart. The dryer sticks out further than it did before, but we did get the coil installed. The attachment needed to stay connected, so we had to use tape. It would be correct to say that we are not satisfied. The company says that installation is easy, but it's not correct.

👤This isn't easy to install or assemble, at least it wasn't for me. It's easier than the "ring of death" and a screw driver. I was not able to get the "snap ring" to snap shut, so I hope it stays put. The instructions on the box assume a lot of knowledge on the part of the customer since the thing comes partly assembled and needs to be taken apart to put the hose on the attachment. I had imagined a lot simpler than this. I don't like small repairs like this, so if you also do, you might want to think about the laundromat. Sometimes it pops out of the dryer. lint keeps the gasket from remaining sticky, so I'll be taping it. The hose is too long, but it works. It's cheaper than the old school system, but it's still a compromise with its own problems.

👤Our laundry room is close to the wall and it is difficult to attach our connection without chewing up the flexible vent hose. The vent system worked well. We switched the sides that were illustrated, which were connected to the dryer with a wall connection. It's easy to connect with the flexible dryer duct. Venting exhaust and lint out is no longer an issue.

👤I like this product. It was a bit difficult at first. I figured out that I needed to put the rubber gasket on the back of the dryer and the end of the hose on the ceiling first. I own a washer/dryer combo. The hookup is in my apartment. They messed up my other hose after they renovated our place. I had to get a new one. I wish I had found this product sooner. The new hose hangs nicely and doesn't get crushed like the old one, and everything was pretty simple and didn't take a long time to hook it up. I would buy this again if I needed to.

9. COMFEE CLV09N1AMG Portable Washing Machine

COMFEE CLV09N1AMG Portable Washing Machine

This machine will never be rust eaten because of the plastic body. Quiet, neat and clean. A small size can save a lot of energy. If you have a product issue, feel free to contact the seller, they will help you solve it. You are allowed to start the machine the way you please with the full-automatic washing machine. You are welcome to modify your washing program by selecting load size, wash time, rinse time, and spin time. The portable washer is able to be stored easily because of its small size, which is 18.1 inches in width, 17.7 inches in-depth, and 31.5 inches in height. You can put it in a variety of places. It has wheels and handles for easy movement. It is a great choice for small households with limited space. The transparent lid design of the washing machine allows you to see and monitor the water and washing conditions. A rust-resistant steel inner tub, lint filter, water inlet and drain pump allow you to easily drain out dirty water. The portable laundry washing machine has a display that shows the time left to finish. The washing machine has a DOE certificate that shows how much energy would be used on average. It has a powerful and durable motor that can spin at up to 800rpm and is quiet when running. Unbalance could be a serious problem for washing machines. It could cause the washing machine to dance on the floor, or even worse, cause it to leak everywhere. It's able to automatically fix the unbalance issue through allowing more water to come in. If the problem can't be fixed, it will alert the user, ensuring a safe and pleasant experience. Also, note: Refer to the PDF attached for the Installation and Troubleshooting steps. Unbalance could be a serious problem for washing machines. It could cause the washing machine to dance on the floor, or even worse, cause it to leak everywhere. It's able to automatically fix the unbalance issue through allowing more water to come in. If the problem can't be fixed, it will alert the user, ensuring a safe and pleasant experience. Also, note: Refer to the PDF attached for the Installation and Troubleshooting steps.

Brand: Comfee'

👤The machine has been great. I live in a small apartment with no washer dryer hookups. It was becoming a hassle to bring everything to a family member. Less exposure to others is important during a Pandemic. I looked at many different brands and decided on this one. I was so glad I did. Everything came on time. The sink would need an extra adapter, which was originally planned on using this in my kitchen. The bathroom sink worked perfectly. The machine is light enough to pick up and set in our tub when guests come over. This machine does a great job. Sometimes it is gross how much dirt it pulls out of clothes you don't think are dirty. Don't overload the machine because the full water level is not to the top of the machine. The normal cycle has a lower water level than the heavy filter cycle. Heavy duty can fit more clothes. If you are considering getting a portable washer. Get this one!

👤It's easy to use a laundry machine. It's easy to use and even older people can learn how to use it. You can observe its working condition with the transparent top cover. It's not as big as a washing machine, but you can get enough for a few loads. If you put it in the garage, it will not interfere with the rest of your room, as the sound of it running can be described as "quiet". It has several options for operation. Leave everything to it and it will be fine.

👤This washer is a replacement for my portable. The electronics died in the Haier after 9 years of working fine. I never had a complaint about the Haier. It is the benchmark for a new portable washing machine. The Comfee is better here. It is not loud. It has more cycle options as well as a digital interface. The spin cycle is better. When you are done, clothes are not as wet. There are two things that have me giving the Comfee a four stars. I roll the washer up to the sink in my apartment kitchen to use it. I think four is better than the two rear roller wheels that the Comfee has. The electrical cord is too short. I need to use a heavy duty extension cord. The cord wouldn't be able to reach it even if I had an electrical outlet next to my sink. Users who want to use it in a stationary location would need an outlet very close to where they place the machine.

👤A great washer. The setup was easy and the delivery was prompt. I received a load within an hour. It's easy to operate and attractive. It cleans very well. The lint trap is very effective, and I love that it spins the items. If you have time and space to hang dry, it's not an issue. The price was very competitive and I have not had a moment of regret about this purchase. Don't hesitate, choose this one, I love my comfee washer.

10. Think Gizmos Portable Drainage Compartments

Think Gizmos Portable Drainage Compartments

Eco-friendly is not just an idea, it's being practiced in every step of making this machine. The washer can operate using minimum energy compared to other models. The certificate issued by the US Department of Energy shows that the energy consumption is only $8 a year. The water pump. A built-in water drain pump is included in the latest version. The portable washing machines are strong and durable. For washing and spinning. It has a capacity of 7.8 lbs wash and 4.2 lbs spin. There is a correlation and light weight. The portable washing machine is ideal for places where space is limited such as for camping or in a caravan. It doesn't require plumbing and uses gravity to drain away. Access to water and a drain area is required. There is a wash and spin timer. The spin cycle can run up to 5 minutes and the wash cycle can run up to 15 minutes on either a soft or normal wash. Simply add clothes, water and detergent and the machine will wash them. Give it a try and rinse it off. The Lint Filter will float on the water and collect any debris. Everything needed for the machine to work is included. The box contains the washing machine, water fill hose, Lint Filter and fully translated manual. Everything needed for the machine to work is included. The box contains the washing machine, water fill hose, Lint Filter and fully translated manual.

Brand: Think Gizmos

👤The damage to the item and the used parts that are full of rust and mold is an insult.

👤This is the first time I have used it. I will update later when I get more information. If you have little clothing, it gets the job done. The washing is great, but you have to rinse some of your clothes off after it's done. The spinner is set for 5 minutes. If you have thick materials, you will have to re-spin it more to get it to dry. I need to re-spin for about 6-7x to get it dry. We would have to re-spin a lot if the dry time was only 5 minutes.

👤Incluso en un edificio y con dos bebés es tan difcil, bajar al primer piso a lavar. No me canso de lavar. Claro es pequea y no puedo lavar gran cantidad. La roupa is super limpia. El nico detalle tiene es una Manga, para llenar de agua la mini lavadora, en todas las plumas. Amo una lavadora, mis hijos.

👤It was purchased for a C-class Rv. Before heading out, it was tested first and not happy. The unit was placed inside the shower. There are two reasons. 2 for easy filling and 1 for drainage. They provided a hose that connected the shower hose to the unit on the top, which was not an issue. When we added a beach towel, three pairs of socks, and one hand towel, the washer didn't spin well. The towel started to spin a few seconds after I took it out. It struggled when it was time to drain. The issue was solved by my husband elevating the unit. Not an every use solution. It needs some help from gravity. The design of the spin drum is poor. I had to change it a few times to get it to work. This will not work for us. It will be easier to use public laundry if we spend more time with small loads and try to get the spinning drum to get the water off.

👤So far, so good! I needed a small washer for my place. It gets the job done of washing my clothes and the spinner dries them. It's a great little device. I wish I had bought it a long time ago.

👤The wash tub works well. If you're not very delicate, the spin dryer will start acting weird after you get it. I mean in use. No large loads, no excessively wet loads, no small loads, and no frequent loads are just a few examples.

👤I was excited to get this product and it smelled like burnt rubber when I opened it. I tried the spin cycle and it worked for a couple of times. It makes the room smell like oil. I went to use the spin again and it didn't do anything. I have to wait another 2 weeks to get another replacement. If this product doesn't work again, I'm saying it's a scam.

11. STOP SHAKES Vibration Vibrasion Associated

STOP SHAKES Vibration Vibrasion Associated

The cost effective is that you don't need a custom countertop over your machines. Wider design, largest gripping surface and widest inner grooves for washing machines. Lower productivity, easier access to stacked washer dryer combo, or top loading washing machine. Their anti walking pads control noise and motion and ensure longevity. Plug-in or glue-on are not a good way to install. slip under the machine You can see below. If you don't like their isolation pads, send them back for a money back guarantee. If you don't like their isolation pads, send them back for a money back guarantee.

Brand: Stop Shakes Pad

👤The old Front Load Washer/Dryer set was replaced with the new version. The older version was nearly as good as the new one. They are in the exact same spot, on the same concrete basement floor, with the same brand new SAMSUNG pedestals. They were already level, yet the washer still looked like it was going to take off when the spin cycle started. The old machine had not moved a millimeter in 12 years, but the new machine had moved 3-4 inches. I was hoping for the best based on the other reviews. They were easy to install under the machines with two people. We had to re-level the machine after we lowered it, but we were able to do it in a better position. I was afraid to turn on the machine because it was so bad that we had stopped using it entirely, and I was afraid if these didn't work, we'd be picking the machine up off it's side. These do work. Since we installed these, the machine has not moved at all. The rocking back and forth has improved. I can't say if the noise has been improved as these are in a basement. You will not be able to move the machine once these are installed, they do not slide on the floor, so make sure your machine is in place before you put these under it. We did not move the machine back to where it was because it couldn't be moved without taking these out from under it. It said they would not arrive until Wednesday, but they were delivered on Monday.

👤I didn't like spending the extra money on these. We just bought a new washer and dryer and I needed them. Several reviews on the washer recommended elevating the feet after the washer made a horrible scraping sound. This solved the problem. There is no more grinding sound. We got them for the dryer as well. Neither appliance is moving. There is a I think these are overpriced, but they make a difference in reducing noise from machines. A dry swifter fits under my appliances for cleaning. I ordered a different product and my 2” diameter feet wouldn't fit. This product was an upgrade and was easy to use.

👤It should be thick enough to last the washer. I stacked my w/d and didn't want it to move on the floor. I had to level the washer and adjust the feet so I could adjust them. No issues other than that.

👤I don't know why I didn't purchase these a long time ago. The laundry room is on the second floor of the house and is above the dining room. We have a washer/dryer combo. The laundry load being washed could be heard and felt throughout the house before I installed these. After easy installation, the sounds and vibrations are reduced, though not completely, though my 13 year old helped. I believe that they were worth every single penny that I paid for them.


What is the best product for portable washer and dryer combo for apartments with heat?

Portable washer and dryer combo for apartments with heat products from Garatic. In this article about portable washer and dryer combo for apartments with heat you can see why people choose the product. and Vivohome are also good brands to look for when you are finding portable washer and dryer combo for apartments with heat.

What are the best brands for portable washer and dryer combo for apartments with heat?

Garatic, and Vivohome are some of the best brands that chosen by people for portable washer and dryer combo for apartments with heat. Find the detail in this article. Black+decker, Magic Chef and Deflecto are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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